Tradition, Religion and Business!

Tradition, Religion and Business!

Holy Week or also called Greater Week is at the door like every year.

Although for many it represents a season of spiritual meditation, for others, it is a week of vacation rest that can be very well used by entrepreneurs throughout Latin America and Spain.

So, whether by tradition, religion or any other reason, today I share a list of 15 business opportunities that you can consider to do some extra income during that time.

  1. Manufacture of tunics for sale or rent
  2. Restoration of religious images
  3. Portable latrine rental
  4. Sale of ice
  5. Sale of purified water in bottles or bags
  6. Sales of typical or regional food
  7. Excursions and tourist services
  8. Sale of ice cream and soft drinks
  9. Marketing of beach products
  10. Photography services in processional services
  11. Sale of souvenirs and religious souvenirs
  12. Sale of seasonal flowers
  13. Sale of scented candles
  14. Local theatrical performances or small shows
  15. Sale of sawdust for carpets

What to do to take advantage of these opportunities?

  1. First you must identify some business line in which you could work according to your skills and knowledge.
  2. Prepare a plan to develop your business, it does not have to be something too elaborate or formal, but it does have to be enough so that you can clearly determine: where you will work, how you will move your products, when you will do it, who will help you, what services you will offer, etc.
  3. Create a budget that allows you to determine how much you need to invest and how much it will cost to develop this small business
  4. Finally, take action. Many people go as far as step 3 but forget that the most important thing in any business is to get to work.

Other small business ideas:

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