Money is on the Internet for Everyone (II)

Money is on the Internet for Everyone (II)

In the first part of this post about business models on the Internet, I talked about some examples of recent phenomena that are happening to ordinary people like you and me and that will surely help you open your mind.

Many are skeptical about the subject of have an internet business and this is normal and I understand it because I was one of them. Personally, I always wanted to have a business on the Internet but I could not find the right formula for my conditions to achieve it.

I made several unsuccessful attempts until things finally started to work and then I found out that it is possible, as long as you are willing to learn enough.

The good news is that the Internet is so wide and its possibilities for doing business are so varied that if you can’t do it one way, you can do it another. However, to begin with, I recommend taking these concepts into consideration:

  • Do not try to invent something new, imitate something that already exists. You do not have to create the new Google or be the next Steve Jobs, you just have to be creative enough to find out what businesses may be operating in other countries and make your own adaptation of the same model. This has worked very well for many people.
  • Don’t limit yourself by the fact that one internet business idea already exists. You would be surprised by the enormous amount of repeated ideas that are on the web. Many good ideas die not because they are not good but because their execution or orientation is not the most appropriate. Do not dismiss an idea the first time, make a plan, a market study and try because that could be the business that changes your life.
  • Explore different models and become an expert in the business that catches your attention. It is true that you can start an Internet business with very little investment, however that does not apply to time and learning. Actually, you need to learn and be willing to be an expert in the business you want to implement. Remember, convenience is the # 1 enemy of successful business.

Some Internet Business Models That Work

As we’ve mentioned before, there are some known models that work that you can try:

Create Your Own Blog
Blogs are one of the simplest models that I know and that I believe can become an important source of income if you are willing to build an interesting blog and have tasteful writing skills.

For one thing, top bloggers like John Chow and Tyler Cruz today earn more than $ 20,000 a month by exploiting ad systems on their blogs. In the Hispanic blogosphere, there are also highly recognized bloggers with incomes that exceed $ 10,000 per month.

To have a successful blog there are some important skills that you have to learn such as Adesense incorporation, search engine optimization management, SEO, Internet marketing and others.

Explore Affiliate Systems
Today one of the easiest systems to learn to use and that with the right strategy can generate a substantial extra income are affiliate systems.

You should start by exploring the different existing methods and start doing some tests to find the products that can truly work for you since there are countless products on the market.

To enter this exciting world I suggest as a first step my article on what is the affiliate market? and learn more about Alex Berezowski’s course called Earn Money While You Sleep.

Of course there are many additional methods you can explore but these seem to me to be some of the most reliable and which I am sure can help you get started.

Set up an Internet Store
If what catches your attention is electronic commerce, then you can consider the possibility of setting up your own online store to sell some products. This is a very good system that works and of course you can rely on Drop Shipping for it.

You should also learn about internet marketing, online payment systems and create a shipping strategy to adequately meet the demands of your customers.

You can start working locally and to the extent of your experience begin to extend your borders.

Other Business Models in the Network
As I mentioned at the beginning, there are countless models that work on the web. For something, there are also a multitude of serious entrepreneurs who are achieving it (and I include myself among them).

It is important that you be patient and that you do not want quick money, because this simply does not exist. I believe that the Internet can give you pleasant experiences and can become an opportunity to obtain financial freedom, but I emphasize that patience, a lot of learning and creativity are especially required to achieve it.

I also suggest you explore these alternatives

  • Become an expert professional in a specific topic and offer consultancies to different companies to improve their Internet marketing strategies.
  • You can explore business models to make money with Facebook like this one.
  • You can learn about Adwords and become a consultant to put together marketing campaigns through this important Google system to sell it to your clients.
  • You can buy and sell products through Ebay in auctions where you can get good prices to sell them in your city earning excellent profit margins.
  • You can write an e-book and sell it through Amazon or through the affiliate systems, this is in fact one of the tips that Peng Joon gives you in his course.
  • Offer your services as a designer, programmer or others in the business section as a freelancer in ForoBeta.

Anyway, I consider that the possibilities are unlimited and it is very likely that it will happen to you like me that I tried many things at the beginning that did not work (probably because of my limited knowledge) but that finally after several attempts and a lot of learning, I can say that I am in the list of entrepreneurs on the internet they are achieving important things.

Plus internet business ideas:

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