Do not start your business, if you have not read this … (II)

Alex Dey, the renowned expert sales coach says that every entrepreneur must develop three important skills: “knowing how to buy, knowing how to sell and knowing how to buy.”

See Part I of Don’t Start Your Business, If You Have Not Read This.

I would say that in reality everyone should develop these skills because they will surely need them sooner or later in life.

Now, the problem that drowns many entrepreneurs when they launch To start a business Suddenly, it is precisely that they lack these important skills and they realize it until they find themselves in such a complicated situation from which it is very difficult to get out.

Know how to sell

If your intentions of start a business they are serious, then you must learn to sell. It is a must. Of course some people bring this about naturally, but others we need to learn and develop. Knowing how to sell will save you a lot of headaches even if tomorrow you have salespeople in charge because you will always know how everything works.

Don’t you like to sell? Then I will give you only two alternatives: either you learn to sell or you hire someone in the company to do it and whose job is precisely that: to ensure that the money reaches the company. Bring business. And that will keep your company alive.

Know how to buy

The biggest sin of an entrepreneur is buying lightly. Not knowing how to negotiate, not looking for the best offers or the most convenient deals for the company is to compete with a total disadvantage.
Knowing how to buy is not easy, in fact it requires a lot of skill and ability for the business to start even from when you are making the purchase.

Know how to charge

And well, when you grant credits, when you have creditors and you need cash flow to keep your business running, then you will need to use this important skill: knowing how to collect.

Many entrepreneurs freeze when they have to pick up that phone and call their clients to request a late payment. They tend to resort to confrontation or even to the extreme of losing the client instead of being negotiators and achieving their goal, which is to recover their payments.

Start a business It is exciting, it is a wonderful adventure and it can give you great personal and monetary satisfaction. But you need to learn and develop. Remember that your business is you and the better prepared you are, the better results you will get.

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