Soccer Fields 5 Another Profitable Business

Soccer 5 or futsal is a modern sport that has more and more fans every day. The fever for this sport seems to grow every day and the proof of this is that finding a free court at night after work is a real challenge.

Soccer fields 5 They are usually crowded by young people and others not so young who seek to spend a moment of healthy entertainment with friends, in a safe, pleasant environment and with all the necessary comforts to be able to practice this sport. And this of course makes it a attractive and profitable business.

While the proposal is very lucrative, this is not a low investment business since it is necessary to take into consideration several aspects for the adaptation of the sports fields prior to their launch that I describe below, as well as the marketing and sales strategy that, as I always reaffirm, are still decisive for the success of any business.

Business Location
It is essential that location of soccer fields 5 are located in an area related to the target market you want to reach. It is ideal that your customer market be medium-high, since this way you can ensure that they will have the economic capacity to pay for your services. Therefore, you will have to look for a location in an executive or residential area with those characteristics.

For this, it is advisable to carry out a market study through surveys of young people in different age groups who can comment on their attractiveness for this kind of business in their area or neighborhood.

It is also essential that the land for the construction of your courts is completely accessible from different routes so that this is an additional attraction for your clients due to the traffic issue. A good court located in an unsafe or difficult neighborhood to get to, makes their use less conspicuous.

Initial Investment
For the business to be attractive, you must prepare a business plan that allows you to adapt the fields with certain characteristics of infrastructure and amenities, namely:

  • The fields must be adapted with grass or synthetic grass
  • They can be roofed, which must be taken into consideration as it implies doubling the initial investment
  • Illumination. Remember that the main use of the courts is at night
  • Secure parking
  • Office for customer service
  • Cafeteria area
  • Enough bathrooms and dressing rooms
  • An adequate drainage system
  • Tights and protectors for each court
  • Computer and office equipment
  • Legal and tax procedures

Approximate initial investment: us$ 50,000 (about 39,000 Euros)

Use of the Courts
Regularly soccer 5 tends to be in high demand at night between 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. approximately. However, during the rest of the day you will have to manage to rent the pitches to colleges and schools in the sector to be able to make the most of the resource that in itself is quite expensive.

Profit Projection (Hourly Charge)

The rental of the fields is regularly made by the hour, which is usually a totally reasonable period for a soccer field to be used 5 without the cost to the client exceeding their ability to pay.

An average price is usually about US $ 25 during peak hours (night) and up to about $ 20 during the day. Depending on the number of courts you may have, you can make a projection of the income to be billed.

For example, if you have 4 soccer fields, your projection would be more or less this:

1 Court rented 3 hours a day per day: us $ 45
1 Court rented 4 hours per night per day: us $ 100
Total: $ 145 per court
Total 4 courts $ 580 per day x about 20 days per month: $ 11,600
Other services rendered: $ 2,000
Total turnover: us $ 13,600

To this you will have to deduct all your fixed and variable expenses that are basically summarized in:

Administrative and maintenance salaries: us $ 1500
Services (water, electricity, telephone): $ 800 (remember that night lighting is quite expensive)
Monthly maintenance: $ 300
Land rent: $ 2000
Security service: $ 2000
Advertising: $ 1000
Total expenses: us $ 7600

This would leave a monthly profit approximate of us$ 6000 (unos 4700 Euros)

This without counting the possibility of exploit other business advantages as:

  • Sale of food and soft drinks
  • Championship organization
  • Organization of children’s parties
  • Parking rental
  • Soccer courses for kids
  • Arbitration services
  • Sale of sports equipment

Company Vision

Offer the best and most convenient soccer 5 services through attractive pitches as well as the attention of qualified and honest personnel for the healthy distraction of the youth of the area.

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