How to improve the image of your company today

In a highly competitive world, where your clients will surely have as an alternative to 10 other companies that do or offer the same as yours, image is undoubtedly one of the differentiating factors that will make your business the option to choose.

In this article we will talk about how to improve the image of your company starting today and thus increase the corporate value that your customers expect.

The image of your company, or corporate image as it is usual to call it, it represents an element of great importance because it can transmit with great force a message that is positioned in the minds of customers.

And if you manage to position yourself in the mind of your client, then you will have achieved advantages over your competitors and your profits will increase. Hence, large corporations invest millions of dollars in creating, maintaining and constantly renewing the image of their companies because they know and understand the power that exists in this factor.

  1. The name of your company. The tradename that you give to your business is very important probably because it will be used for all company purposes. From business cards and stationery in general, to advertising strategies, marketing and everything that has to do with the marketing positioning of your company. Your business name can be chosen in a number of ways, whether it represents what you do or a creative name that is short and easy for your consumers to remember. Click here if you want to know better how to choose the name for your business.
  2. A unique logo. The company logo is often taken lightly, however the logo can be something of the cornerstone of the company. marketing strategy of your business. A good logo visually conveys a message, an idea or it serves so that people associate what your business is and can easily remember it. One of the most common examples of the power of a logo is that of Harley Davidson, did you know that there are people who have gotten this logo tattooed on their arms? In essence, a good logo should be simple, practical, consistent, memorable, and adaptable.
  3. Select the colors of your company. Colors define the identity of your business. An image based on red and orange colors is not the same as another based on green tones because the first transmits intensity while the second reflects peace and relaxation. In fact, there is a whole science that studies the psychology of colors and the way human beings perceive emotions through them. Whether you have a coffee kiosk, a gym, a music academy or a call center, your business must have and transmit an image through the colors that match the logo. So select these colors carefully and use them constantly so your clients perceive the message comprehensively.
  4. Pick a slogan that sells. The slogan is a kind of complementary tool in your marketing strategy that helps to create an image. The slogan summarize in a single sentence what you deliver to your customers. There is a difference between companies that have a slogan and those that don’t, because a good slogan definitely sells.
  5. Create a culture of customer service. All the previous points have to do with subjective image aspects. However, there is a fundamental element that defines 80% what your company is and what it is: the people. Your collaborators or employees. They are the ones who have direct contact with the client and are the people who carry on their shoulders the importance of transmitting a correct image. In fact, you can have a great physical presence, with a good name, a great logo and selected colors, but the first contact of an employee with the client, can destroy all of this, if you do not have a true service culture. If something is worth investing resources is in training your staff to make an impact with extraordinary service and that, I assure you, if it generates profits! We will talk about the image of the staff in point 7.
  6. Create a website for your company. We have addressed this point in other articles and I consider that it continues to be an important element in the personality of your business. We are in the 21st century and today most companies need a presence on the internet, in fact there is a market that you are not reaching if you do not have a presence on the web. Personally, when I look for a service, before turning to the yellow pages I go to the Internet and in 2 minutes I hope to find a company that offers what I am looking for. If there are 20 companies, but only 3 have a website, I will surely choose between those 3 and the world now works like this. Creating a page for your business can take a few hours and you don’t need great knowledge to do it and if you need professional help, there are many knowledgeable people who can help you without representing a large investment but, yes, many benefits.
  7. Personal image of your collaborators. The presence of employees is essential. Whatever your business, define an image for them, especially for those who have direct contact with your customers. Select uniforms carefully where appropriate and make sure these people are impeccable in their personal presentation. Have you ever had to choose between 2 restaurants for dinner? Sure, food is an essential element, but the attention and presentation of those who attend is also essential. We always choose the place where they make us feel better and where people look their best. The same can happen when choosing a taxi, a clothing store, a school or even a moving service. Jealously take care of the personal image of your employees.

In summary, the image of your company It must be permeated everywhere: in uniforms, in stationery, in your advertising, in the minds of your collaborators and your clients, and even in your heart. How do you want your customers to see you? That is a fundamental question, and remember a proper image of your company can be the clear difference between success and failure.


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