Advertising by mouth to mouth or face to face?

When a person talks to another about your company, your person or the experience they had doing business with you, that is called word of mouth advertising.

In fact, people may or may not speak well, but the important point is the impact and significance this has directly on your business or product.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and only 5 minutes to destroy it.” – Warren Buffet

It is said, in a colloquial way that a Satisfied Customer It can attract you 5 more clients and that an annoyed or dissatisfied client will scare you away to at least 8 potential clients (minimum).
However, this is NOT true today!

So is. And it is that without wanting to be pessimistic. Things today have changed for better or for worse thanks to social networks. If we take this behavior to the digital level, an annoyed customer today will express his anger on his Facebook wall where at least 150 of his most active friends will see him.

Some of them will share it and if the publication is striking enough it will go viral with what probably about 300 people will find out what happened. Do you see the impact now?
Can you understand how an organization’s reputation is weakened if customer satisfaction is neglected?

Then it will also be easy to understand how gigantic companies have grown thanks to their good reputation that is consolidated by what people speak one to one, person to person, by word of mouth.

We are always communicating

We all work like this. Do you remember the last time you saw a good movie at the cinema?
How many people did you recommend to see it? And if the movie was very bad, how many did you suggest not to waste their time?

We are human and part of our natural instinct is to seek confidence. And nothing inspires more confidence than a recommendation from a friend.

If that friend, relative or coworker recommends something to us, that inspires enough confidence because he is someone who is not going to cheat on us. There is a bond of appreciation and vice versa.

In business it works the same. Your product It can be great, your marketing strategy too, your salespeople can be the most incredible, but the most powerful tool for or against you will have in your company is your own customers and what they can say about you.

The word of mouth advertising, or face to face is very powerful. Many network marketing businesses actually base their strategy on this powerful tool as it works wonderfully from person to person, conveying enthusiasm, faith and belief about any system.

Today more than ever, in the 21st century, understanding this principle and establishing customer service standards can make the difference between a thriving business and one that is disappearing. And if we talk about social networks, you also have to train your staff in crisis management and how to emerge victorious from bad comments on the Internet.

So remember, build your organization considering the power of what people have to say and make sure it’s a good thing!

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