Motorist Assistance Services: Business Idea

Motorist Assistance Services: Business Idea

The rapid increase in traffic in most cities, as well as the constant rise in fuel prices (among other things) have made motorcycles an excellent alternative for transportation.

And from there we can develop an interesting business idea: motorist assistance services.

It is a fact that the number of users of two-wheelers has increased, both because of its economy and because the costs to acquire a motorcycle are lower and more accessible.

All this without mentioning the passions that the experience of using motorcycles awakens.

However, this increase in the number of motorcyclists on the streets also entails a number of needs, not fully satisfied as in the case of automobiles, which for a entrepreneur represent a huge business opportunity.

Some of the specialized services that you can consider in your business plan would:

  • Tire Punch Assists
  • Emergency mechanical services
  • Provision of fuel
  • Moving the motorcycle

Basically you will need:

  • A small office that could be a section of your home
  • Telephone (cell phone) and fax for emergency care
  • A pickup type vehicle for transporting motorcycles
  • A set of tools
  • A mechanic with knowledge of motorcycles (in case you are unfamiliar with the subject)
  • A platform to pull motorcycles or to load them into the pickup

Eventually and as the growth in demand for your services allows it, you may consider the possibility of expanding with a greater number of vehicles, mechanics and a range of services.

Recommendations for business success:

  • It is always important to make a promotional and advertising campaign to publicize your services
  • It is convenient to do a good budget that allows you to provide your services with very accessible and competitive prices for the type of market it represents
  • Make contacts with motorcycle workshops to exchange potential customers of mechanical services in exchange for commissions
  • Offer combos of services to courier fleets, restaurants and companies that have a good number of motorcycles in their inventory
  • Regarding the rates, it will be convenient to make a table that allows you to charge according to distances and times so that your client is clear how much he will pay in any case of emergency

Finally remember, start your business with little and project your growth gradually. The most expensive investment for this motorcycle assistance service It will be your vehicle for the transfer of motorcycles (moto-crane type), however in case you do not have one at the beginning, you can offer the other services while you are accrediting and growing your capital.

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