Water the Business of the Century: 15 Ideas

A recent study by the World Bank concludes that water will undoubtedly be the business of the 21st century, equivalent to what fuels have been for the present.

As Osvaldo Canziani, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, describes it: water will become a trillion dollar business.

And it is not for less because the effects of climate change are becoming more severe and it is evident that leaving the responsibility to governments to find solutions for themselves is something illusory and far-fetched.

So the solutions have to come from the private company. They have to arise in the entrepreneurs mind who can contribute their ideas, talent and creativity to propose such solutions and along the way, that represents, as Canziani says, a multi-million dollar business opportunity.

And although water is a world heritage site, understanding the problem is one thing and sizing it up is another. And since we are talking about a problem of great proportions, the different alternatives that may exist to innovate and venture into the water business.

Did you know for example that 70% of the water is used for agriculture? While the other 30% is used for human consumption, transport and power generation.

Of course, not everything is written and it is precisely there where the opportunity zone is. In finding and implementing solutions to problems that will be increasingly critical.

Here are some business ideas that are not necessarily new but can be exploited or improved:

  1. More efficient well drilling systems
  2. Improve rainwater harvesting systems
  3. Irrigation systems for plantations
  4. Mechanisms to reduce water pollution
  5. Water storage
  6. Water purification systems
  7. Drinking water supply systems for large cities
  8. Water supply systems for agriculture and industry
  9. Climate change awareness strategies
  10. Heat reduction systems for livestock
  11. Solutions for prevention and reduction of diseases due to lack of water
  12. Massive reforestation supported by governments
  13. Water supply for hospitals
  14. Information systems on the problem that help find solutions
  15. Systems for detection and repair of leaks in infrastructure

As you can see, this is a fairly general list of the main needs on the subject now and for the next 50 years. For some reason this problem has occupied scientists and leaders of all nations.

So, from here they will come the biggest businesses And if you want to be part of it, you are at the right time to start innovating.

Quiz: In which book of Robert Kiyosaki there is a business illustration that uses the analogy of a city in need of water that is solved differently by two characters?

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Other business ideas:

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