25 Original Small Businesses In The World

On the El Economista page I found an interesting list of 25 ingenious small businesses that you can consider to implement during the year anywhere in the world.

It is a very complete list and it truly includes some quite interesting proposals to undertake that I recommend you read carefully.

Among all of them there is a special idea that catches my attention and that I would like to expand, especially since I had already visualized it before and I believe that with a little creativity it could be easily implemented, with moderate investment and possibilities of excellent profits.

The idea refers to the solution of queries by instant messaging.

Basically the business idea consists of implementing a system of advice by instant messages such as WhatsApp or SMS. Initially I had imagined it in the area of ​​technology and the internet (which is one of my specialties) although it can be expanded to practically any consulting area.

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The business idea

Imagine a person in front of your computer urgently to solve a technical problem.

For example, he does not know how to activate a certain function in word, or how to insert an image in PPT or how to find a page to do some schoolwork on the internet and that he could then send you a whatasap with his query, and you on the other side, for a few pesos (or dollars) you could offer an immediate suggestion as an answer.

This of course as part of a prepaid monthly consulting plan.

In the example of El Economista, they mention the 82ask company that has already implemented this system and that it has worked excellently for them.

In fact, imagine how many services currently exist that offer you the horoscope, jokes or even contacts with couples if you send an SMS message.

Of course, the basic difference of the project is that the answers are not generated by an automated mechanism because the questions can be very varied and specific, but rather, it is a very personalized system where the key is that the queries are resolved by an expert. promptly and with quality responses that satisfy the user.

Also, if you visualize further, the concept would be perfectly valid for any kind of technical, social, educational, medical, psychological, sports, etc.

The implementation of this original business It must be specific but very similar for the different countries and surely requires some type of telephone infrastructure, contracts and of course some important investment in advertising.

In short, this is one of 25 original business proposals for very creative entrepreneurial minds. I would love to hear your opinion or suggestions that can enrich this endeavor.

You can read the full list of El Economista’s 25 original businesses here.

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