28 Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Business

Many entrepreneurs suffer and become stressed when their visitor traffic drops. And it is not for less because we all know that it depends on whether we do well or badly in business.

However, getting more customers to come to your store or visit your store does not have to be an impossible task. Nor do you need to invest thousands of extra dollars in promotion and advertising.

What is needed is a good dose of creativity and some specific actions that I will explain below.

Secrets to Getting More Customers to Your Business

  1. Print business cards and distribute them with your friends, contacts and current clients. They are inexpensive and can be very effective when someone requires your services.
  2. Ask for some referrals from your best clients. If their level of satisfaction is high then you will have a list of names with great potential who you can call to offer your services or products.
  3. Include your business name, logo, and phone numbers in your email signature. Although it seems simple, this is an old technique that works to position your brand.
  4. Make a mailing list of potential customers and occasionally send them advertising information for your products and services.
  5. Create a free website for your business and have the address appear on all your advertising and business cards.
  6. Create special promotions such as discounts and prizes for your best customers. This will generate a self-promotion that will attract other customers.
  7. Review your client’s profile and focus your resources on reaching that specific profile. The best strategy for your clients to turn their gaze towards your company is for you to offer customized solutions.
  8. Create an email marketing campaign, there are many valuable digital tools that will be useful to persuade your customers.
  9. Create a Facebook fanpage for your business and start by inviting your friends. You will be surprised by the number of clients that can begin to arrive through this medium.
  10. Create an account on Twitter and occasionally post information about your products or services. Results can be slow and meager, but you need to be patient and give social media time.
  11. Analyze what the competition is doing to attract customers. You will discover good ideas and what you identify as their weaknesses make it even better.
  12. Incentivize and motivate salespeople who are achieving the best results. They will go in search of more clients without you having to pressure them.
  13. Do not lower your prices lightly, better implement temporary promotions that allow you to continue competing and do not forget to add value to everything you do.
  14. Improve what has worked. If a strategy worked for you, improve it and stick with it.
  15. Make sure your employees offer excellent customer service. Nothing generates more recommendations than exceptional service.
  16. Always seek to offer added value for your customers, that will make a difference that customers value and make them come back.
  17. Use the sampling technique to get people to try your product and stay with you as a new customer.
  18. Sponsor a local event or the children’s soccer team so that people notice your brand.
  19. Distribute promotional flyers in your area and offer a small discount or benefit to whoever shows up with your flyer so that you will measure its effectiveness.
  20. Advertise in the classifieds of the local newspaper. They are inexpensive and will keep you visible.
  21. Advertise in your local business guide.
  22. Improve the personal presentation of your collaborators. When a person looks better, they inspire more confidence and sell more.
  23. Publish an article for a magazine or a local blog, so you will form an image as an authority on the subject.
  24. Improve the presentation of your store or point of sale. Remember that taste enters through the eyes and if your place looks better, people will be more predisposed to buy.
  25. Offers! This is the magic word that attracts the most customers. If you plan your strategy properly, you can present very attractive offers that increase your customer traffic.
  26. Make alliances with other nearby businesses. Exchange products and services or carry out some promotions in agreement and that way more new customers will arrive.
  27. Hire weekend spaces to set up a kiosk in a shopping center and promote your products. This will attract the eye of potential new customers.
  28. Create a referral system that rewards your clients for referring other new clients.
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