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For over 50 years, Sandler has helped salespeople take control of the sales process, help leaders identify and remove blind spots and bottlenecks, and help professionals around the world improve their careers.

When we look back on our training experience with thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of salespeople, it’s clear why a Sandler training franchise is such an exciting opportunity for professionals. Comets.

Why Sandler Training?


Our reinforcement training model offers the opportunity for recurring revenue through private and public courses in sales, leadership, or customer service. Additional revenue opportunities arise from upselling and cross-selling evaluations, executive coaching, technology solutions, and much more.


Around the world, companies are spending over $ 130 billion on business training. Forbes magazine states, “Spending on corporate training is on the rise.” Entrepreneur Magazine has identified business coaching as one of the hottest trends in franchising.


Every day we help our clients and affiliates create their ideal definition of success and set plans to make it a reality. Sandler gives our affiliates the flexibility and opportunities to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

The training and support we get from the company are the best. It is simply simply outstanding. We have the best of both worlds in Sandler. We have the ability to run our business, our way, around some proven best practices and recommendations. At the same time, we receive full support from the larger organization. —Jeff Pankoff | Owner of the Sandler franchise

  • Sellers
  • Sales managers
  • Sales team
  • Professionals who don’t sell
  • Frontline employees
  • Senior executives

… And all Sandler training programs apply today’s most advanced adult learning methodologies.


Sandler’s broad curriculum covers sales, management and leadership training, executive coaching, and other programs tailored to the needs of individual clients.

Utilizing its unrivaled network of 235 Sandler Training Franchises in the United States, Canada and 25 other countries, Sandler’s solutions range from a single company with a few sales professionals serving local customers to a global enterprise.

Enter the $ 210 billion sales training market

The demand for quality sales training has rarely been greater than it is today.

Large US companies currently spend $ 7.6 billion annually to improve the skills of their salespeople, making salespeople the third most qualified group of employees after executives and managers.

And most of these companies need to seek out at least some of their sales training needs.

Sandler Training began franchising its training program in 1983. Today, the franchise supports a growing network of more than 190 North American franchises, actively seeking overseas development partners.

Excellent service and support

  • Initial training.
  • National training conferences.
  • Regional business development workshop in progress.
  • Unlimited coaching by phone.
  • Lead generation assistance.
  • Effective advertising, marketing and public relations assistance.
  • It’s been a while since you’ve found the corporate world satisfying.
  • You are unemployed and looking for a new sales position.
  • You are considering starting your own training, coaching or consulting business.

It’s the most successful sales system in the world, combined with the # 1 training franchise, in a multi-billion dollar education market, with a recurring revenue model, and it’s a company that teaches you how to grow your business!

Are you ready to join today’s leader in innovative sales and sales management training?


Please submit only if you meet the requirements of $ 80,000 minimum in cash, $ 300,000 minimum equity, and 700+ credit score.

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