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Reinventing the Commercial Cleaning Franchise …

Yes, that’s us!

360clean franchising is a relatively low-key business that is consistently ranked among the best low-cost franchises and has provided many with the ability to realize their dream of business ownership.

A 360clean franchise is a unique commercial cleaning franchise that specializes in offering a health-focused office cleaning service. Most office cleaning service companies consider clean based on the appearance of an area.

Why 360clean?

At 360clean, our franchise locations take it one step further. The goal of every 360clean is to provide a clean, yet germ-free and infection-free environment.

This unique approach offers 360clean franchise owners a niche in their market.

Culture is not just a word. It is our mission.

There are a number of things that make 360clean great, but most importantly, it’s our family-centered vibe.

From day one, 360clean’s founders have focused on creating a unique business model and culture compared to traditional cleaning franchise methods. We love our 360fam and are focused on #cultureOVERnumbers!

A business system focused on your vision.

The 360clean business system starts with defining the vision you have for your business.

Create your vision. Reach your goals.

This proven business system is a turnkey solution that includes every aspect of opening, developing and building a healthy business with a healthy lifestyle for you as an owner.

We measure the satisfaction of the franchisee. They say we are the best.

We offer a TRANSPARENT franchise purchasing process that includes a third party survey company, FRANCHISE BUSINESS REVIEW.

The Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI) ™ is the industry standard by which the health of a franchise company can be measured and monitored over time. Established by Franchise Business Review in 2007, FSI is a collective assessment of the critical areas of franchisee satisfaction.

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