Start a World Options franchise

World Options offers a highly competitive first-class shipping and logistics service for businesses.

The shipping and logistics industry is a steady, vibrant, and growing part of the economy with U.S.-generated revenue exceeding $ 2 trillion.

World Options Inc offers professional solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to compete with large companies on a global scale.

Bringing our products and services to market is our network of franchisees working all over the world. Our network is one of the fastest growing franchise systems in the world.

We work hard to identify the most qualified prospects who wish to join us and continue our growth here in the United States.


World Options Affiliates provide businesses with highly competitive, first-class parcel and freight shipping service at the click of a mouse. We help solve customers’ logistics and shipping needs with a simple to use and convenient online shipping portal. We achieve this through a network of thousands of carriers around the world.

Business customers can access and compare service, cost, delivery speed, book shipments and print shipping labels in an instant. Their shipment will then be collected by the courier and delivered to destination.

The process of identifying the right courier and booking a shipment has been made simple. The customer also enjoys substantial savings by harnessing the power of bulk purchasing.

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We have established a strong partnership with UPS, one of the leading couriers in the world. Our online shipping portal allows businesses to access special UPS shipping rates when shipping through World Options.


World Options affiliates own the relationship and rights to work with the UPS sales team in their region. Under the leadership of the UPS Corporate Area Sales Manager, each territory has a number of Customer Executives ready to work with the franchise owner generating business together for the benefit of both the franchisee and the UPS sales team.

  • Access to our network of thousands of national trucking partners
  • Low cost of entry
  • Partnership with UPS and other carriers around the world
  • Multiple sources of recurring income
  • International and national shipping of small packages
  • International and national shipments
  • Huge earning potential
  • Flexible schedule
  • Sales and marketing support
  • No geographical boundaries
  • Location of brick and mortar is not required
  • Unique software solutions
  • Small Business Administration approved
  • Flex resilient industry

When you become a World Options affiliate, it is your job to find new business customers who require online shipping services and introduce them to use the World Options online portal.

Build relationships with them and demonstrate how to place orders online. The company is encouraged to activate an account and immediately become your customer. You take care of them and the system does the rest.

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Your customers will have access to a very powerful tool to assist them in the daily management of their business. The tool saves them money and helps them identify shipping options more efficiently.

You’ll have access to an industry-leading CRM system to help you manage your database of leads, prospects, customers, and marketing.

You will have customer service support to help you keep your customers happy.

We provide real-time access to reports, allowing you to see your customers’ revenue and margin by tracking and managing the growth, development and progress of your business.


A non-exclusive franchise also known as a non-geographic franchise allows you to offer World Options products and services literally anywhere in the United States.

There are no territorial or geographical restrictions regardless of where you are. Clearly defined engagement rules mean that the possibility of duplicating prospects is extremely rare.

  • It allows an affiliate to take advantage of the relationships they may have outside their territory. This can benefit the entire network by increasing brand visibility.
  • It allows highly motivated affiliates to generate additional sales.
  • Facilitate franchisees collaborating on projects.
  • It can help generate regional accounts with multiple customers or locations that can extend into other territories.

In the initial stages of running your franchise business, there is no need to incur additional costs for renting office space. At World Options our management team is experienced in setting up small and medium-sized businesses and knows a little about the expenses involved. This is why we have worked hard to create a turnkey business that fits your budget.

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You can run a successful World Options franchise from the comfort of your home to fit your lifestyle if you wish. It requires little more than a desk, chair, computer, and telephone.


At World Options we are not just looking for another affiliate. We are looking for business partners who can help us develop and maintain a strong, healthy and profitable business. This comes not only from hard work, but also from the spirit of cooperation and working together in sharing ideas and good practices.

We recognize particularly in the early stages; you will need a lot of training and support. We pride ourselves on a support center where staff members are committed to excellence in customer service and have years of both industry and franchise experience to assist you on your path to success. Our goal is to help you establish and grow your business. products and services while building customer relationships.

One of the biggest practical differences between a simple distribution scheme and a full-fledged business format franchise is the extent of the initial and ongoing support services the franchisor offers to franchisees.


A World Options franchise can be fully operational for as little as $ 49,000.

Affiliates are not required to invest large sums of money to finance store front structures to support their business as most affiliates start their own business from home.

The total initial investment will vary depending on the operating structure.

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We are offering hard working, business oriented people who are looking to become their own boss the opportunity to join World Options as a franchise owner

  1. Interview each other: You will have many questions to determine if our franchise is right for you. It is important for us to choose franchisees who complement our culture and vision of building the strongest franchise network in the United States.
  2. Review our non-disclosure agreement: We will share sensitive company and franchise information with you. We ask you to keep it confidential.
  3. Due diligence: talk to our current affiliates. Whether they have been part of the team for 5 years or are brand new, our franchise owners will have real life experiences to share with you.
  4. See our full franchise disclosure document (FDD): This document provides everything you need to know about our offer. Find out what the franchisee’s job is and what the role of World Options is on your road to success.
  5. Meet the team: Take your questions, concerns and thoughts to our industry leaders. Meet our directors of marketing, training, operations and our World Options owners.
  6. Consider your options for purchasing your franchise: Set a day to close and organize the place and date of training
  7. Sign the franchise agreement together.
  8. Celebrate our bright future together and get to work.
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We have a fully centralized system, which means we invoice your customers and collect payments on your behalf so you can focus on the important responsibility of selling your

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