48 Profitable Microenterprises

48 Profitable Microenterprises

In business there are always thousands of interesting proposals.

However, not all of them are within our reach because most of the time you need a good capital to start. The good news is that you can start with a micro-venture.

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What is a micro-enterprise?

Fundamentally, it is a small-scale business economic activity that does not require so much initial investment and that can be developed in conjunction with family members or other partners that help us distribute the work.

Most micro-businesses are based on providing services based on our skills and knowledge such as crafts, jewelry, painting, administrative skills, etc.

Some of these microenterprise ideas can be quite profitable and that is why here we share an interesting list of at least 48 ideas with little investment but high growth potential, simple to set up and that will generate enough income to complement your family budget.

  1. Mobile disco for home parties
  2. Makeup and grooming clinic
  3. Wedding decoration
  4. House painting
  5. Glass cleaning for offices and buildings
  6. Home computer maintenance
  7. SPA for pets
  8. Car wash
  9. Advertising bicycles
  10. Sales of typical or regional food
  11. Hot dog cart
  12. Funeral services for pets
  13. Manufacture and sale of scented candles
  14. Oil can for minor automobile service
  15. Car tinting
  16. Locksmith
  17. Aluminum, plastic or newspaper recycling companies
  18. Secretary or virtual assistant from home
  19. Sale and installation of alarms for home and car
  20. Pastries and cakes on request
  21. Web-page design
  22. Social media manager (community manager)
  23. Preparation of uniforms for schools and industrialists
  24. Pool cleaning
  25. House and building cleaning
  26. Regional painting
  27. Manufacture of wooden games for children
  28. Board game creation
  29. Manufacture of stuffed animals
  30. School tutorials
  31. Manufacture of school figures in foamy
  32. Assembly of small shows for shopping centers
  33. Create a blog and earn money
  34. Import and sale of cell phone accessories
  35. Jewelery Business
  36. Appliance repair
  37. Convert VHS Videos to DVD
  38. Babysitting service
  39. Dance classes
  40. Errand services
  41. Making homemade sweets
  42. White and pillow design
  43. Making homemade cleaning products
  44. Manicure and acrylic nails clinic
  45. Public speaking courses
  46. Manufacture of curtains to order
  47. Toys and snacks
  48. Tattoo and piercing business

How to start a micro-enterprise?

Although we speak of a small business, it does not mean that it does not carry the seriousness of any undertaking. It requires planning, dedication, having a sales strategy, a budget, and a work distribution.

If done right, you can have excellent financial results. So don’t skip the minimum processes necessary to manage your business idea.

Remember that some important elements for your business to grow and become a formal company is the good administration of financial and human resources and, as I always emphasize, sales. So go ahead and start planning your next business today.

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