Starting a Travel Agency

Starting a Travel Agency

If you are the perfect host and you love travel and adventure, surely a travel agency is your ideal option to undertake.

In this post I explain the initial steps to set up a travel agency business.

And it is that the tourism sector represents in all countries a very juicy income item of which you can make your own portion.

From tour and hospitality scheduling to car rental, the tourism segment has many sides to exploit and turn it into a money-making machine.

To begin with, we will say that the business model of a Travel agency (AV) It consists of the commercialization of tourist packages through the services of the different operators who pay a commission for it.

The main operators are:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Cruise ships
  • Car Rentals
  • Touristic destinations
  • Shows and Entertainment Venues
  • Restaurants

Additionally, travel agencies function as transmitters, receivers or receiver-transmitters depending on the role they play at the time of directing passenger traffic.

An AV transmitter, for example, is one that sends tourists to a destination other than the place where it is located, while the transmitter-receiver is the one that can perform both functions due to its capacity and experience.

Among the main tools that a travel agency should have are:

  • Internet for communication with customers and operators
  • Reservation systems and global positioning
  • Updated printed or digital maps
  • Customer databases
  • Local party and show guides

The success of this type of business consists of providing great advice to clients, this includes training staff very well and even having the facility to serve in several languages.

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This coupled with an excellent relationship with operators and, as always, a lot of creativity in creating the travel packages to offer.

Regarding investment, we would say that it is mainly necessary to equip the company with information systems which require a license, in addition to training staff and the adaptation of decent offices for the level of clientele served.

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