The Profitable Business of Sports Bars

The Profitable Business of Sports Bars

Many people mistakenly consider that the main objective of a bar is the sale of liquor, however this is not the case. It is a proven fact that the secret of success for a business Of this class it is in the entertainment which has given way to the creation of thematic and sports bars.

Creating a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and especially knowing the client’s tastes are the elements that make this a very profitable business Well, statistics say that people dedicate a good percentage of their monthly budget to entertainment activities, among which this type of business is one of the favorites.

Meeting friends for special occasions or to attend relevant sporting events is one of the favorite excuses to visit them.

So these are some important considerations for plan your business:

  • Because it is a night business, you must be willing to adapt your life routine to work until the wee hours of the morning and even dedicate some during the day to run the business.
  • You should look for a commercial place close to the areas with the greatest night movement and adapt it to the sports bar theme that you project.
  • It is essential to carry out a market study to know the unmet needs of your potential clients and analyze your competition at the same time.
  • Licenses. Almost all cities will require a special license to authorize the sale of liquor during the legally permitted hours. You must process it sufficiently in advance so that you can operate properly and in law.
  • You must prepare 2 budgets. The first is an initial investment budget that must include all the costs of opening the business. The second is a budget for monthly expenses that must consider all the fixed and variable costs for the operation of your business.

What are people looking for in a Theme Bar?

Apart from the normal execution of your business plan, a company of this class is distinguished especially by the environment. If there isn’t a good atmosphere, people won’t come so make sure you:

  • Have excellent food as well as snacks
  • Tasteful and creative sports decor
  • Adequate lighting
  • Flat screens to appreciate different sports
  • Project especially relevant sports games, this is a good way to attract customers
  • Run promotions such as pools and contests that maintain customer interest
  • You must have Internet with Wifi so that people can meet to work or study
  • Wide and convenient hours

And of course, it should be noted that it is key to be able to have a specialized bartender who offers the best drinks to your customers because this is where the highest profitability of the business resides.

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