Applying Internet Marketing in your Company

Applying Internet Marketing in your Company

A few weeks ago we shared a couple of seminars (webinars) on the subject Internet marketing, focused especially on learning to use the basic tools that exist to expand your market and sell online.

The number of people who attended the seminars and who have followed it later confirms that this is a topic that draws the attention of many entrepreneurs, and it is not for less especially when we know that the Internet can help us generate a powerful database of clients we did not have before.

So today I share with you a summary of some of the main points that we have highlighted during the talks and that can help you take the first steps in order to build your own Internet Marketing strategy or also called Social media.

A website is not enough for your company

Many are the entrepreneurs who share the frustration of having a web page in which they have sometimes invested a significant amount of money to set it up and after a while they realize that nobody sees it! We innocently think that with having a web page on the Internet, hundreds of customers will begin to arrive, which never happens.

Why? The answer is very simple, but the solution is not so simple. What happens is that one thing is to design a web page and quite another is to position said page on the Internet. And is that the issue of positioning has to do with the fact that search engines, especially Google, find it and display it on their first pages of results.

This process is called SEO (search engine optimization) and it is nothing more than a series of techniques that must be considered so that your page, in addition to existing, is seen. Probably in the future we will talk specifically about SEO in another webinar but since it is a technical issue, it would be best if you hire someone to help you with this task.

Advantages of using the Internet as a marketing option

Learning to use the web as a means to promote your products, your company and your brand has some enormous advantages. Between them:

  • Segmentation: You can define very well the profile of the client you want to reach, thus achieving greater effectiveness in the message
  • Costs: The costs of advertising campaigns on the Internet can be very low compared to other traditional media such as radio, newspapers or even TV
  • Pay per Click: This is a system in which you pay only when people click on your ads. Unlike other means where you pay for the publication, here you will only pay when the potential client reaches your website, in such a way that your investment is better used.
  • Minimum Investment: On the Internet you can invest small amounts and gradually grow according to the results. In fact, you could start an Internet Marketing campaign today for as little as $ 50 or less.

Learning Social Media

The next thing we have to learn is how social media works. Thinking that everything is reduced to a web page is an illusion because the Internet or what we now call Web 2.0 is much broader than just your email or your web page.

The web has evolved and to obtain results, today we must learn about search engines, about the different types of social networks, we must learn how blogs work and their enormous advantages in SEO positioning.

But above all, we must understand the differences between buying web traffic and naturally generating that web traffic. (The latter I consider the most economical and profitable option in the long term)

So if you want to complement all this knowledge, I invite you to watch the video of our last 2 seminars and register (here) so that we can invite you to other webinars where we will also include other topics of interest to improve your business.

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