Advertising Bicycle Business

Both for adults and for small entrepreneursAffordable, high-impact advertising options remain a need in high demand.

And in that sense, a solution that adapts perfectly to any type of budget is the advertising bicycle business.

What is the business?

Also known as bici-taxis, mupi-bikes or publi-cycles, the advertising bicycle business It is built under the concept of mobile advertising promotions on conventional bicycles that travel through places with high traffic of people.

These bicycles allow to easily create a visual focus that is very attractive to the public and therefore very convenient to reach and attract the target market of the contractor.

Advantages for the Entrepreneur

  • Low investment
  • Can be grown gradually
  • No investment in fuel
  • You can start with conventional bikes
  • Maintenance costs are low
  • It can set up the business pretty fast
  • Ecologically there is no pollution

Advantages for the Contractor

  • You can achieve excellent visibility of your brand
  • They can contract the service at very low costs
  • They can choose from a variety of available locations and routes
  • They can easily choose the desired schedule
  • They can request it for specific events or areas

What You Need to Start Your Business

For him setting up a company of Advertising Bicycles, basically you will need to invest in the following:

  • Conventional Bicycles
  • Supports to place the advertising banners
  • Horns or sirens to attract attention
  • Hiring pilot (s)
  • Request for special permits to transit (as required in each city)
  • Mechanical maintenance services
  • Place to park or store bicycles
  • Person dedicated to the sale of advertising promotion services

Business Variants

  • Segway advertising. Greater investment but high visual effectiveness and it can travel indoors.
  • Blutooth transmitters. You can incorporate these transmission systems to your bicycles to offer in parallel during the tour with advertising shipments to mobile phones near the area.

Of course, to start your business successfully, it must be planned intelligently and for this I recommend you follow these tips to make your business plan and an infographic that summarizes the steps to start this project:

  • , title : 'Ad bikes Advertising at Ernakulam
    Ad bikes Advertising at Ernakulam

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