Web Redesign, Another Business Niche

Do you want to earn money doing web design?

Almost all organizations have some kind of presence on the Internet today. But … does that mean there is no free space for new designers to enter the business of custom website design?

Not at all, in fact, there is a lot of opportunity as a huge fraction of existing websites have many problems due to poor design and technical errors.

The reasons are many and the most common have to do with:

  • that perhaps the buyer had a very low budget
  • it was done by the owners themselves with little or no experience
  • or they were just completely scammed out of paying for bad service

Whatever the reason, this opens up an interesting business niche for web designers to offer redesign options. This is not much different from designing a new website for a business that does not have one. The only difference is that it can be a bit easier because the content is already on an old customer website, and you may just have to adapt an existing structure.

Around 80% of customers who already have some type of presence on the web, are at a stage where they are willing to spend a little money to improve it.

What does it take to get started on the Web Redesign?

If you already have some kind of website building skills, you can consider this business idea. And you know what? Even if you don’t have any skills in the field, there are many sites with free resources for those who want to start learning and acquire the necessary skills to enter this lucrative design industry.

You can start by doing some basic designs and then improve. It’s actually not that difficult to become a web designer, all you need is a good investment of time. It’s good to start with learning HTML, CSS, and some basic interface graphics.

A low investment opportunity
It is very important to keep in mind that web design can be done with a very low investment and that is why it represents a great business opportunityas long as it’s done the right way. The highest costs you will have to invest in have to do with the right software and having a computer to work with, an investment that you will only make once. Of course, it does not mean that you will never have to update them, but when we talk about a single cost I mean the fact that it is not a cost that you will be paying on a recurring basis.

A couple of important tips to keep your investment safe:

  • Work from home. At least in the beginning. Not having a location will save you money on rentals and all the bills that having an office implies. The best thing is always to start small, so you don’t have to invest so much money in things that are not immediately essential.
  • You don’t have to quit your job. You can start with some small projects while you still have your job. In fact, web design can be worked part-time which is a great advantage that allows you to make some extra income without leaving your current activities.
  • Work as a freelance. You actually have two options. Work as a freelance web designer invoicing under your own name or operate under a commercial name. This last option is convenient because somehow companies give more weight to a formal company and will take you more seriously, however if you do it with enough professionalism, working as a freelancer is an excellent option.
  • Have your own web presence. It is very important that you have your . domain as this is a standard that will give your company an image. The name you choose for your company should give an idea of ​​what you do, it should be eye-catching and easy to remember. This can also be very useful when you get a larger, important corporate contract.

Often, whether you are looking for clients locally, across the country, or around the world – you need to have a personal website for your web design company. Your site should show important information about what your company does, what kind of services you offer and the experience you have had with your clients (portfolio).

It should have a contact section so that they can make requests and quote jobs. Likewise, it is essential how to specify the general conditions of your way of working and the payment options. The more detail you offer the better for your clients as long as things are kept in order and that the good taste of your work is noticeable from the beginning. Remember that your website will be your first cover letter to achieve sales.

Starting a client portfolio
Then do you want get into the web design business But you don’t have a portfolio of people interested in your services? Let’s be honest, this is the part that will usually take the most time and work especially if you are starting from scratch.

Don’t worry, you can speed up your portfolio creation by starting out by working on some free websites for small businesses, musicians, artists, freelancers, etc. That they will precisely be the kind of paid clients that you will have in the future.

However, while you are offering your services for free, you will be getting the experience of working for some clients and having something to show on your website about your own portfolio. And of course, once you have built these first sites, you can later charge for any type of maintenance that they require and because they saved the initial cost, they will have no problem paying only for the improvements.

Actually, the issue of getting clients is not that difficult. The most difficult thing, as in any business, is often dealing with people who tell you that you will not make it. Well then let me tell you if you put in enough determination and desire to build your business customers will be arriving soon. But from the beginning it is essential to serve them with professionalism, responsibility and above all that the conditions are very clear to avoid misunderstandings. Your vision must always be focused and clear that your clients need your services to improve their business. Do not forget!

Rather than investing heavily in advertising, here are some tips for attracting low-cost customers:

  • Make some printed business cards. Print only a moderate amount to be cheaper with your company name, logo and include important details such as your name, cell phone number, email and of course the URL of your website.
  • Make some business appointments of any kind and talk to marketers to offer them personally what you do and simply leave your business card with them. If they show interest and ask questions, then offer the details they ask for and put a lot of emphasis on the benefits they will derive from your work. Remember that at this point you are a seller (if so, you are the seller of your company!). You will be surprised how some businesses can arise on the spot and others that will come after a call. Do this in as many places as you can a day, the cost is minimal and the results will surprise you.
  • For other potential customers you want to reach that are not so close to your area, you can write or send a short letter presenting your services as if it were face to face. Look especially for places, people or companies that you find that have bad websites or even that do not have and you will find that many of them will be interested.
  • Referrals. Ask all of your friends and family if they know of anyone who needs a website. Hand out business cards to those who can refer you to someone and offer them a small reward bonus if you get a business through them. 5% of the business could be an interesting amount for someone who will help you get a client.

Latest recommendations

Always everywhere you will find difficult clients as well as wonderful people with whom you are happy to work. To deal with the former, it is always convenient to put all the conditions and requirements of the work in writing as well as request an advance for it. Usually 50% is reasonable and as long as the other 50% is completed against delivery of the product or a payment plan as you deem appropriate.

The last thing we want is for a client to refuse to pay and you have to go through a tedious collection process to get back your money that has cost you many hours of work. That’s right, people can be very cruel even if they don’t seem like it so securing at least 50% of the work up front will cut down on some headaches.

Extending your services
Custom web design is a good way to start, but you don’t have to stop there. As you grow you can also increase your catalog of services. Why not also offer logo design, video creation, flash animation, DVD creation, and many more?

There are so many possibilities in this industry that it gives you the opportunity to make a considerable amount of money. Just make sure you don’t offer too much up front so you don’t have to run into workloads that you can’t fulfill.

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