40 Business ideas related to medicine and health

40 Business ideas related to medicine and health

An old saying goes “Between health and money, health first.”

Health is said to be a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of diseases or illnesses. Everyone at some point is willing to pay anything to keep it, and this is the main reason why Health-related businesses are big businesses.

The field is very broad and some business segments related to health and medicine may require considerable investments, however, today I share with you at least 40 startup ideas in the health sector that more than a large investment require a lot of creativity and initiative to set them up.

  1. Sale of medical supplies such as gauze, gloves, masks, etc.
  2. Distribution of utensils such as tweezers, scarps, thermometers, etc.
  3. Manufacture of uniforms, gowns and clothes for nurses and doctors
  4. Rental of canes, wheelchairs, walkers and crutches
  5. Home laundry services for small hospitals
  6. Food services for sanatoriums and hospitals
  7. Sale of cleaning supplies such as soaps, disinfectants and deodorants
  8. Sale of vitamins and food supplements
  9. Distribution of natural medicines
  10. Small pharmacy with generic distribution
  11. Sale of home first aid kits and kits
  12. Advertising Sponsored Medical Directory
  13. Toxic waste management (requires specialization)
  14. Health insurance broker
  15. Setting up rural clinics with basic services
  16. Purchase, restoration and resale of medical equipment (by units)
  17. Coordination and reminder of appointments by phone (doctor – patient)
  18. Import of medical equipment such as microscopes, dopplers, stethoscopes, tc.
  19. Yoga, relaxation and breathing classes
  20. Bedridden Patient Care
  21. Care of patients with special abilities
  22. Software development for doctors (files)
  23. Private patient transport
  24. Sale of cements, plaster and amalgams for dentistry
  25. Focused advertising and promotion services for medical products
  26. Distribution of elastic bandages
  27. Distribution of plastics: spatulas, syringes, basins, spoons, etc.
  28. Manufacture of hospital curtains and bedding
  29. Instrument sterilization services
  30. Sale of small and medium power plants for sanatoriums
  31. Sale of accessories and supplies for diabetics
  32. Sale of sugar and diet specialties
  33. Retail medicine distributor
  34. Website design for hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums
  35. Children’s hospital decoration
  36. Entertainment services for patients
  37. Kiosk and / or cafeteria services in hospitals and sanatoriums
  38. Psychological assistance to delicate patients
  39. Pastoral and counseling services
  40. Interpreter services for foreign patients

Medicine is a very noble branch and helping to make it better can be very rewarding. And as you can see the possibilities are many and the best of all (although it would help) is that you do not have to be a doctor to exploit most of these options.

As in any business, remember that you must analyze, budget and train in advance to properly offer the services and products that you plan to market.

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