Start a NextGen Great Sealcoating Franchise

The cleanest and greenest sealant

We are a family business that specializes in top quality and eco-friendly asphalt maintenance, providing great service at fair prices. We have an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau and an A rating with Angie’s List.

Residential and commercial driveway | Blacktop | Asphalt sealing and repair

Every asphalt driveway and parking lot needs to be maintained and, for the right person, this is a ground floor opportunity in a multibillion-dollar, but fragmented industry.

Today, asphalt maintenance is in the same place the landscaping industry was located decades ago, with many individual operators and very few standards. Let’s change it!

The big advantage of the NextGen sealing liner

Our system includes HUGE territories, eco-friendly proprietary materials, discounted high-performance products delivered to your door, brand development, marketing programs, in-depth training and a dedicated call center!

We have been in business since 2005 and our systems and training are designed specifically for franchisees.

What we offer

  • Huge territories
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials delivered to your home
  • Repeat the activity for a recurring revenue stream
  • Extensive “hands-on” training
  • State of the art equipment
  • Low start-up costs
  • A call center to answer your phones, schedule your quotes and book your jobs, giving you more time to grow and manage your business
  • Proprietary customer relationship software
  • Asphalt maintenance products
  • Advertising material
  • Advertising
  • Equipment

Choose your type of opportunity

NextGen Great Sealcoating’s efficient delivery of non-toxic goods, products and services, streamlined operating model, and ongoing investment in technology and support are designed to help franchisees with any number of territories operate optimally and grow their activities.

  • Single territory: Single-Territory is the perfect starting point for most people. Whether you’re looking for a business that can support your family or want a business that can grow rapidly to become the property of multiple units, our One Territory Franchise Plan is the place to start.
  • Multiterritory: With our low cost of entry, our multi-territory franchise opportunity is ideal for franchisees from other industries looking to expand their business footprint or anyone looking to start their franchise career.
  • Business conversion: Our conversion program is designed for entrepreneurs already operating in the asphalt sector. This program allows you to harness the power of our brand recognition, technology, purchasing power, services and support to push your business to the next level and grow it even more and faster.

Who is the perfect candidate?

There isn’t just one! Affiliates can come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

The NextGen Great Sealcoating franchise process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to become operational. The pace depends mainly on your goals.

  • The willingness to work! This is really the most important attribute. If you are willing to work and follow our systems, you can build a successful business for yourself.
  • Have already owned their own business or managed / operated a business.
  • Likes setting benchmarks and achieving goals.
  • Values ​​that build a business by offering a “wow” service to customers.
  • Understands the basics of sales and marketing (NextGen Great Sealcoating provides franchise training on these and other aspects of the business).

NextGen Great Sealcoating affiliates could look for a business in which to work with an adult spouse or children and potentially transfer the business to family members when they retire.

Ready to be in business for yourself but not alone?

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