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Corporate coaching grows by $ 200 million annually. Be part of it.

By starting a Growth Coach business, new franchise owners inherit a proven coaching system and all the benefits of a committed business support team, providing marketing, sales and development assistance to successfully launch the business and ensure their continuous growth.

Backed by a low initial investment, countless revenue streams, superior training and a Strategic Start ™ program; a first initiative from the Growth Coach industry that provides new affiliates with immediate clients and immediate earnings, anyone can be successful as a Growth Coach business owner.

Earn more than financial success

Whether at the corporate or franchise level, education and service are at the heart of what defines The Growth Coach.

Although potential franchisees are often drawn to the allure of a proven system and the opportunity to make money like their own boss, the definition of a Growth Coach is more than just financial success.

Growth Coach owners are passionate about assisting entrepreneurs and sales professionals at all levels, and as a result, create connections that last a lifetime.


Their desire to improve the lives of small business owners around the world has led to a presence in over 140 markets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Spain, India and Australia with more international opportunities now available. .

Due to the success of its affiliates, national publications began to take notice, including Business owner Magazine, USA Today, is The Wall Street newspaper.

Why Business Coaching?

The coaching industry grows by $ 200 million every year and there are currently 28 million small businesses needing The Growth Coach’s services.

The business coaching market is booming; what better way to take advantage of it than by joining the the most trusted name in the industry? —The Growth Coach.

Why choose the Growth Coach?

Growth Coach gives you a tried and tested curriculum and supplies you with the materials you need to introduce them to your clients, so you don’t have to worry about creating lesson plans.

And with newly implemented digital assets, coaching is easier and more comprehensive than ever.

Advantages of joining The Growth Coach:

  • Low / high profit margins.
  • Infiltrate two hot markets: Business and Sales Coaching.
  • Proven system for growth and results.
  • Proprietary technology and digital assets.
  • Unique group coaching approach.
  • Work from home.
  • More than just business coaching: it changes your life.

The Growth Coach also offers an instant client program called Strategic Start ™. This program allows you to immediately have coaching clients and receive income by partnering with the 4 affiliate brands of Strategic Franchising.


With the exclusive Winner’s Circle program, franchise owners can recover the entire franchise quota upon reaching pre-established goals in the first 2 years of activity.

Training and support

When potential entrepreneurs make the decision to join The Growth Coach, they engage with themselves, their families and their community.

The franchisee can expect dedicated support staff to accompany him at every stage of the onboarding and operational process; provide training, develop new materials to respond to market demands and help franchisees achieve continuous expansion.


Becoming the owner of a Growth Coach franchise does not require years of experience at the highest levels of business, quite the opposite. Some of Growth Coach’s most successful franchisees come from backgrounds in sports, accounting, logistics, and more.

The business team is confident that they have perfected rigorous training programs that cover every aspect of the coaching experience. New and old affiliates can expect constant support, ever-growing coaching / marketing resources, and a business model designed for long-term success.

The path to becoming a Growth Coach begins almost immediately after signing the franchise agreement. Within hours of signing up, new affiliates are greeted with the five-week Jump Start ™ program; a home online training program that prepares them for one week onsite training in Cincinnati.


Growth Coach owners, regardless of openness, functioning or expansion, receive all the coaching, support and guidance they need.

Ideal candidate

Growth Coach boasts franchise owners with a wide range of backgrounds. Its founder, Dan Murphy, was a CPA for an international accounting and auditing firm before starting The Growth Coach.

Although many Growth Coach business owners have experience in consulting, or in the company or business in general, they are far from the only valid or sought after affiliates.

The Growth Coach business team is that being a successful business coach is not exclusive to coaches with a typical background.


We want our coaches to have a heart for coaching and a desire to help entrepreneurs, managers and sales people reach new heights of success. If they go into business with that mindset, the sky is the limit. –Lisa Hudson, president

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