What to Invest This Year

The new year is at the door and this is a good time to set goals and resolutions.

Most people spend all their money on gifts and celebrations but leave very little to invest in what is really worth their personal and financial growth.

So if you are looking for options in what invest your money wisely this year, these are some ideas:

Invest in Financial Education

“The risk about how to invest my money decreases as my knowledge about how to invest my money increases.” – Robert Kiyosaki

This is something in which we must constantly invest as our mind needs to be fed with updated information that helps us better manage money and better visualize the business options that they present themselves to us. For this, I recommend that you set aside enough from your budget to invest in developing financial intelligence:

Attend 3 business seminars in the year: investment $ 300 dollars.
Acquire 4 books on financial education: investment $ 125 dollars.

Invest in online courses
A complement to the previous point is the possibility of investing in Internet training on a specific business topic that may interest you. As we have spoken on previous occasions, internet business They have the great advantage that they can be started with very little money. This is probably the reason that many people succeed, but it is also the reason that many fail. Why? Very easy. Many fail because they want to invest so little that they don’t even train and expect great results overnight.

Hence, my recommendation to take safe steps is to invest in a course or tutorial that guides you and helps you take the first steps clearly.

  • If you want to learn how to develop a home business system, I recommend Alex Berezowski’s method. Investment $ 54 dollars.
  • Facebook is a millionaire business and if you want to learn how to take advantage of it, you can also purchase this course on how to make money on Facebook. Investment $ 31 dollars.
  • The Ganacash system where a secretary who earns thousands of dollars a month from her home on the Internet shares how she does it. Ganacash2 Formula Investment $ 54 dollars

Now, before you skip this step or go running to see each of these options, let me clarify the following. If I personally had access or knowledge of these options 5 years ago when I started my blog, surely I would have saved many hours that I invested in self-learning and the failures that that implies. So do not make the mistake of underestimating options that can transform your way of thinking and why not say it can transform your life.

Invest in Real Estate

This, of course, is not the best option for some countries in crisis, such as Spain, where the real estate system is currently devalued, or Venezuela, where the real estate market is not so easy, but it is still an excellent option for most of countries in Latin America and other parts of the world where acquiring a property can be a very good investment.

If you have capital availability, investing in a commercial space, a house or apartment can be formidable assets that will generate passive income. Here you can learn how to buy houses with great profitability. Investment from $ 30,000

Invest in a Franchise
If you wish invest your capital wisely nothing better than considering a successful franchise. There are a variety of franchises that you can consider for investment and that guarantee you start your business under a proven model.

Small franchises investment from $ 8,000 to $ 40,000 dollars

Invest in Building a Blog
Today more than ever I am convinced that blogs are the door to virtual businesses. I have written a lot about it and if I could give a single piece of advice to one person I would tell them to learn all they can about blogging and start building their own and exploiting all the benefits that they allow you to do business with Adsense, Affiliates and others.

Or, if what you really like is just writing, why not exploit your talent as a writer and earn good money as a professional copywriter.

“Never invest in a business that you cannot understand.” – Warren Buffet

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    What to invest in with $5,000?

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