Earn money converting VHS videos to DVD

Earn money converting VHS videos to DVD

The lifespan of a VHS tape stored in good condition is estimated to be around 15 years, a period of time that is running out for the large number of people who keep valuable memories on these tapes.

Taking into account that almost everyone has a DVD player, converting videos in VHS format to DVD is a business with which you can earn very good money that you can start with little investment and even from the comfort of your home.

Here is the business plan to start a video conversion business.

Whether due to age, use or accidents, the risks of losing their treasured memories of weddings, baptisms, graduations or hundreds of family moments on VHS tapes is very high, so every day more people want to preserve their videos by transforming them to DVD format.

The business is quite profitable though it has been little exploited especially because it requires some level of technical knowledge related to video formats in order to deliver an excellent quality product compatible with any player.

If you have the right equipment and you train yourself in the basic techniques for conversion, you can have a great deal on hand.

The main purpose of the business is to offer the services of converting videos in VHS format to videos in DVD format in their different resolutions and sub-formats. To do this, the company will equip itself with high-performance computers and the necessary devices to carry out the conversions.

Main Satisfactor: the business aims to satisfy the need of people to preserve their valuable memories stored in an old format (VHS) and to be able to view them on more modern players (DVD)

The promotion of services must be carried out by the following means:

  • Vinyl blanket with information about the services that will be placed in front of the house or premises where requests for conversion work will be received.
  • Additionally, another 2 similar blankets with information will be placed in nearby commercial premises that have a good flow of people. These blankets will include telephone information and address where people can go.
  • A basic internet page will be developed with a free domain where anyone can inquire about services, delivery times and costs.
  • 5000 flyers will be printed with information on services that will be distributed throughout the area where the business is located within a period of 15 days.


In order to offer video conversion services, the company must have equipment with the following minimum characteristics:

  • Desktop Computer: 3.0GHz Dual Core Processor or higher, 1GB RAM, 200GB Hard Drive, DVD Burner Drive, 64MB Memory Hi-Res Video Card, Good Brand VIDEO Capture Card
  • A conventional VHS player in good condition
  • A conventional cassette recorder for audio conversions
  • Assorted cable sets for occasional adaptations: RCA, Plugs, etc.
  • Software for editing and converting videos like ULEAD Video Studio or similar

The elementary process of the conversion consists of playing the video on a VHS equipment connected directly to the capture card that converts the signal into a digital file that is then burned on a DVD.

The time it takes to convert a video is directly related to its duration or the duration of the fractions that are requested to convert plus the editing times that include title, decorations and details of the occasion.


  • Video conversion in VHS, 8mm, BETA format to DVD
  • Converting audio cassettes and LP records to CD or MP3 format
  • DVD copy
  • Burn audio files to DVD


The service of my company or business will be specially focused on people between 30 and 70 years old who have the need to save and preserve their old videos to transform them into new formats. This market should be able to pay an average of $ 10 per hour for video conversion.

The initial investment for the assembly of the business it fundamentally consists of:

  • Desktop computer: $ 800
  • Video Capture: US $ 100
  • Reproductor VHS: us$150
  • Audio recorder: us $ 80
  • Cables and accessories: us $ 25
  • Editing software: us $ 150
  • Label printer: us $ 90
  • Business registration: us $ 100 (optional)
  • Invoice printing: us $ 50
  • Printing of 3 advertising blankets: us $ 100
  • Flyer printing: us $ 150

The operating costs estimated monthly:

  • Electricity us $ 50
  • DVD discs (cent) us $ 30
  • Labels (cent) us $ 15
  • Small local rent (optional) us $ 250
  • Tax us $ 30
  • Shipping us $ 80
  • Advertising us $ 60
  • Occasional expenses: us $ 50


Initially the business will be attended by its owner and assisted by a trusted person who should preferably be a specialist in the technical field (assistant)

Assistant functions: It will be presented for hours agreed to carry out the conversions, accruing a commission for work carried out and delivered.
Manager functions: promote and publicize the business, make purchases, manage resources and supervise the quality of the work to be delivered.

As the business grows, it is recommended to consider expansion alternatives that should include:

  • Offer reception and home delivery services
  • Offer services in other areas of the city
  • Consider payment options such as credit cards or online payments
  • Purchase another computer with similar characteristics to expand conversion capabilities and deliver more jobs in less time
  • Consider the possibility of offering the reception of works through third parties, this would imply associating with different businesses such as bookstores, cybercafes or stores who could get involved in exchange for a commission for using their premises.


  • Offer excellent service
  • Transmit the client a lot of confidence and security about their videos that are usually unique and cannot be risky
  • Quick and personalized service
  • Prices within reach and payment options (advance – delivery)

As you can see, with a minimal investment you can turn your desktop computer into a money making machine.

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