Special care, a great business: 7 ideas

The formula for To start a business with very little investment is taking advantage of the best asset you have: yourself.

Today I present to you 7 ideas related to special care services that you can turn into a great business if you work it with great responsibility.

  1. Elderly care. Modern and hectic life makes caring for the elderly a niche of opportunity. More and more families depend on these types of services to guarantee a comfortable and dignified life for their loved ones in the golden age.
  2. Pet sitting. Whether for vacations, general emergencies or medical prescription, the pet care service has a demand that can be used very well. Taking care of the puppy while the family is away for a few days is a service that you can perform even in the comfort of your home and that can be charged at a good price (per day).
  3. Childcare. Especially for working mothers, daycare or childcare services are very convenient. The service must include food, special care according to the age of the child (ren) and knowledge of first aid.
  4. Beware of ladies who have just given birth. Another interesting service that you can turn into your own business is the care of ladies in delicate condition. This is common when they have had difficult deliveries and do not have a close family member who can support them with basic common household tasks, feeding, healing and even basic baby care. Of course, they are temporary services that can be charged per month according to the variety of care required.
  5. Patient care. A variant of the previous point is the care of people in a state of recovery, either by surgical operations or by medical prescription. Whatever the case, the service consists of assisting, accompanying and supporting you in your care during the time of your convalescence. Of course, it does not include any type of medical care, since this would require at least some specialization in nursing or the like.
  6. Private pilot services. Can you drive a car? You can then offer the private pilot service. Ideal for people who want to travel throughout the day to different places but who for whatever reason are unable to drive their own vehicle. A taxi would be too onerous for them so the services of a pilot to accompany them and assist them with their errands is an ideal service. Papers in order is essential!
  7. Occasional guardian services. This is a service with high demand during vacation time at homes or by companies, especially at Christmas and New Years, when they are generally absent from their work for several days. It consists of offering the care and surveillance of your facilities on site. It is charged per day and you must stay for the required periods of time within the home or office facilities.

As you can see, they are mostly services that can be implemented quickly and do not require very strict training. Of course, depending on the scope of the service you want to offer, you will also have to document yourself and prepare better.

The important elements that can not be missing in most of these business They are: responsibility, an impeccable resume, stationery in order to prove you as an entirely trustworthy person, punctuality and an extraordinary human sense.

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