2016 Business Ideas List (II)

This is the continuation of our post: List of Business Ideas 2016 where I share some of the most interesting proposals that you can consider for this year.

We have looked for business ideas that in addition to having good income potential, can also be implemented quickly and with a moderate investment that any entrepreneur can gather.

List of Business Ideas 2016 (II):

16. Sale of perfumes

A perfumery has to do with the commercialization of various ranges of perfumes, offering alternatives for all tastes.

There are variants of this business idea since you can sell original or generic product. The latter is also usually very interesting because it is sold at a very good price.

To start as a distributor you should consider an investment in product of a minimum of $ 8,000 to $ 10,000 dollars to be able to supply your store very well, plus investment in infrastructure and legalization of the business.

17. Wedding Agency

Wedding planning agencies tend to be more profitable every day as future spouses increasingly choose to hire these services in order to minimize headaches and money in planning their marriage event.

To work in this field it is necessary to specialize in decoration and adapt to the preferences of the bride and groom in order to provide excellent customer service.

18. Rental of clothing for parties

A trend that makes very good money has to do with renting ball gowns for weddings, graduations and celebrations in general, which in themselves tend to be very expensive and most of the time they are only used once.

To open this type of business you must invest about $ 10,000 dollars and have a spacious and very well decorated premises to be able to display the garments. Garments that by the way must be supplied in a variety of sizes.

19. SPA and hotel for dogs

Most people who have dogs at home spend all day at work and often leave their pets alone at home. Therefore establishing a hotel and serving these canine clients is a good market opportunity.

The investment to start a business in this industry is to invest approximately $ 8,000 dollars to condition the premises and hire adequate personnel to care for the animals.

20 – T-shirt embroidery

Businesses and all people at some point need tailored clothing identified with their organization’s insignia. This market can be very productive if you know how to be creative and handle it very well.

The initial investment to implement this business idea and open a fabric embroidery company consists of acquiring the embroidery machines as well as the raw materials and personnel to operate the business. Approximately $ 15,000.00 dollars.

Soon more business ideas