The Vision of Your Company, How to Define It

The Vision of Your Company, How to Define It

Most companies and successful corporations they have something in common, besides of course bringing together many key elements to excel in a highly competitive world. And that element in common is the vision.

The vision of your company It is a fundamental component of your corporate identity that is mistakenly considered by many to be secondary and of little importance. Contrary to it, define a vision It can be the difference between reaching your desired goals or getting nowhere.

How to define the Vision of the Company?

Although it may seem simple, clearly define the vision of the company it is not an easy thing. In fact, for many entrepreneurs it is complicated because it represents putting their thoughts and ideas in order and determining the course they really want to follow.

Regardless of the size of the business you have in mind, taking the time to translate your vision is something that will help you in several ways:

  • It will help the next steps in planning to be better defined
  • Inspire your work team to commit to achieving the objectives
  • It will guide you as an entrepreneur not to succumb to problems
  • It will allow your growth to be oriented towards a clear objective
  • Vision conveys strength, energy, and clear goals

Thus, in order to establish that business vision, we must take a pencil and paper and first answer these 3 strategic questions:

How do I see my company in 20 years?
The first question has to do with visualizing what we are and will be in the long term. A vision is just that, seeing beyond today. Imagining growth and finding what we want to be many years from now encourages and creates synergy.

It is not the same to say “I want to have an appliance store” to think “In 20 years we will be the largest white goods chain in this country.

It is not the same to say “I want to give conferences and trainings” to think “Within 10 years I will be the most important and recognized speaker in Latin America.

What is my main product to service to offer?
This answer must be understood in intangible terms. It does not refer so much to the product itself but to what that product or service you sell can represent and that blends perfectly with the vision.

  • Don’t think about selling toys, sell fun.
  • Don’t think about having a cafeteria, think about selling the most pleasant place to go to eat.
  • Don’t just sell tires, sell driving safety.

What contribution can this company have for society, my collaborators and myself?

Last but not least, define what your company can represent for society. Try to imagine how your company can grow and be seen with good eyes in your country, in your city, in your town. In fact, many companies have found that part of their success has been creating and maintaining a social image that pleases those who live around them.
More than just offering products, they contribute to the living conditions of their cities.

In addition, the motivating element for the human resource must also be included. Will your company be a source of decent employment that represents growth opportunities for those who work there? If so, convey it in your vision and allow all those who have something to do with your organization, breathe that sense of clearly going somewhere.

Other Tips to Define Your Company’s Vision
Finally, a couple of additional tips for effective vision:

Define it Clearly and with the Heart
Your vision doesn’t have to be a 10-sheet document. On the contrary, it should be written in simple, clearly understandable, inspiring words that can be used in all corporate documentation.

The Impossible Is Closer
Vision, in order to have the power to inspire, must cross the line from the possible to the impossible. It could almost be said that the vision must be so ambitious that it borders on the impossible, otherwise, who would be motivated to achieve it?

If you remember characters like Walt Disney, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs and others, you will discover that in the beginning they were cause for laughter and ridicule because they dreamed and visualized things that others never imagined achieving. So if your vision is mocked, you are surely on the right track.

Bring Your Vision To Life
The mistake of many companies is to capture a vision lightly, just for the fact of meeting a requirement, without making it part of their corporate culture. And then they wonder why they are not achieving their goals. A vision must be born in your heart, transmitted to your collaborators and live it day by day. Putting it in a painting in a hall is not enough if your work team does not bring it to life.

Examples of Corporate Visions

Disney: “We create happiness by providing the finest entertainment for people of all ages, anywhere.”

Google: “Organize the world’s information so that it is universally accessible and useful.”

Apple: “Produce high-quality, low-cost, user-friendly products that incorporate high-tech for the individual. We’re showing that high-tech doesn’t have to be intimidating for non-computer savvy people. “

Nike: “Bring inspiration and innovation for every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete ”.

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