10 Good Business Opportunities to Start the Year

The year progresses, and entrepreneurs are always in search of the better opportunities to do business.

Maybe you are looking for the perfect idea for you or you need to visualize an opportunity that helps you launch yourself into your own company.

Anyway, the beginning of the year is a unique time to start! And as in 1000 Business Ideas we love to be part of those entrepreneurial projects, today I share some of the best business ideas so that you start the year on the right foot:

1. Cell phone sales and / or repair business

One of the businesses that continues to grow and that can make you interesting profits is the business related to cell phones. You can exploit it from different points: sale of devices, sale of accessories, cell phone repair, sale of airtime cards, wholesale providers of prepaid cards, manufacture of accessories, etc. Investment: medium to medium-high depending on the line you choose. Required preparation: medium level technique.

2. Open a food business

The sale of food is and has always been a good business that makes interesting profits. If your strength is cooking and you have a specialty or a favorite dish, this may be your choice. Examples: pastries, steaks, sale of weekend lunches, rotisserie chickens, sale of food for parties, distribution of carbonated drinks, manufacture of sweets, sale of fruits, spare parts and snacks, etc. Investment: low, medium. Preparation: it does not require specialized preparation with some exceptions.

3. Start a repair service company

Economic trends have increasingly forced people to think about repairing their appliances and appliances rather than buying new ones: shoe repair, tailoring and sewing, appliance repair, auto mechanic services, computer maintenance, plumbing and carpentry are just some of the possible options that you can exploit on your own to To start a business that offers you extra income. Investment: low, medium-low. Preparation: your trade or area of ​​knowledge.

4. Company of motivators and trainers

In times of crisis, companies look for the best motivators to maintain a positive spirit in their employees. If your strength is public speaking and you have the knowledge to teach seminars on human development, personal motivation, sales and the like, this may be your opportunity. Develop training programs and make them your source of income. Investment: media. preparation: your personality and knowledge of the subjects.

5. Cleaning services

There is always someone who does not want to dedicate themselves to these tasks and who will be delighted by the cleaning services. You can integrate a team of cleaning, decoration and maintenance collaborators to offer the temporary or permanent cleaning service of houses, buildings, farms, apartments, auditoriums, etc. Brooms and cleaners in hand you’ll be ready to start your lucrative cleaning service business. Investment: media Preparation: care and cleaning techniques.

6. Start your own Vending business

In previous posts we have talked about vending as a business of the future. If what you want is to create an asset that generates income without a large investment of time, vending machines are an excellent option. With a medium investment and a good location you can get excellent benefits. Preparation: minimum depending on the machine.

7. Make money, start a blog

All the internet business they are undoubtedly still interesting options. You can start your own blog writing about any topic that you like and build it into an income generating machine. You can learn how to do it by purchasing our book on how to make money with a blog. Investment: minimum. Preparation: basic knowledge of the Internet and writing.

8. Seasonal business

As a merchant, you can focus on working on your own different second-hand businesses such as: Affection Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, fairs in your city, festivals, summer, winter, Christmas, etc. By planning it properly, you can sell or distribute seasonal products to different stores that require it or through direct sales. Investment: medium, medium-high. Preparation: minimum.

9. Acquire a franchise

Franchises are still without a doubt the best options to start a business, especially since they can represent minimal risk and high returns because they generally represent proven businesses with a good reputation and guaranteed success. Of course, the special consideration is that the investment is generally high and requires a process of preparation and specialized training.

10. Set up a business to sell purified water

This is one of the recent businesses that is growing rapidly. It consists of offering cleaning and refilling of purified water jugs at a low cost. The benefit for your client is that they can purchase water at a much lower cost than with large distributors. Of course the main investment is in the purification equipment which is a investment medium-high and that also requires a high degree of preparation, permits and special health care. More on the purified water business here.


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