Start a Catalyft Success System Business

Start a Catalyft Success System Business

Make a difference in the world …

Become a certified Catalyft® coach

Catalyft® offers a business coaching certification program that includes a proven business model and a high performing financial model.

Men and women in the US are being certified with Catalyft® to lead peer advisory boards and provide business coaching and courses to small business owners and solo preneurs to help them achieve extraordinary success in business & life.

Support entrepreneurs to experience extraordinary success in business AND life

The Catalyft® training program provides comprehensive hands-on training and support, as well as a turnkey system to attract new customers, generate recurring income, maximize a customer’s life while setting your own schedule.

The 5 essential ingredients

  1. Unique and proprietary business model that clearly differentiates you – and then your company – from your competition.
  2. Robust financial model that takes recurring income into account and maximizes customer value for life.
  3. Recommendation-based marketing program that generates a consistent flow of new customers.
  4. Orientation towards personal goals, experiences and the desired quality of life.
  5. Community that offers support, growth, and personal development.

Become a certified Catalyft® coach

The Catalyft® Success System is a new and revolutionary business coaching platform that includes a proven business model and a powerful financial model. Catalyft® offers partners a comprehensive “turnkey” business solution that is accompanied by full-service training and mentoring by both company founders and other members of the Catalyft® community.

Our Catalyft® partners receive hands-on training that teaches them how to use our powerful proprietary model to build a Catalyft® small business coaching and consulting business. Catalyft® partners have the opportunity to create financial security through a recurring income model while they only work 10 to 12 days per month.

Support of our Catalyft® success partners

  • VIP membership in a network of Catalyft® Success System certified coaches
  • Home Office Support – Questions / Resources / Ordering / Marketing Tips
  • Coaching packages, customer materials, congresses and events
  • Professionally published workbooks and manuals
  • Ongoing sales-generating offers – courses and seminars
  • Marketing resources and business development training
  • Participation in Catalyft® trips, competitions and recognition
  • Invitation to annual congresses and regional events – training / support / motivation
  • Leadership opportunities / speaking & training at company events
  • Standard Catalyft® website included (custom upgrades available)
  • Community with other Catalyft® Success Partners on a national level
How big is our market?

26 million small business owners and solo preneurs.

What do 26 million US entrepreneurs have in common? You…

  • Are creative, energetic, visionary
  • Develop ways to make the world a better place
  • Cry for freedom – time, money, opportunity
  • Follow Passions & Purpose
  • Strive for exceptional success in Business & Life

If you or someone you know is looking for a change, for a chance to use your talent to influence the world, we invite you to start your own company as a Certified Catalyft® Facilitator & Coach.

Experience Catalyft® and find out if this is the business opportunity you have been waiting for.

To take the next steps with catalyft, simply send the inquiry form below!

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