Be Part of the Era of Digital Entrepreneurs

The world calls for innovation. Create a business in the digital age it is to feel inserted in a new world, where you are what you share.

The concept of modernity was coined in the last century, but based on the era of “having”. While today we are in the era of “being”.

We live in the age of “cognitive dissonance”, that is, nobody knows the rules, nobody has been taught. So why not take the risk? Why not give it a try? Dare, take a chance, try it. Many make mistakes and have been wrong time and time again. Be empirical, but learn more and more and become one of those “digital geniuses.”

Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

The question is how can we learn from the mistake of the giants and the professionals who have already made it? What did they do to contain the demand of the people? We have a lot to learn, and there is no good recipe or manual for it. And it’s great that there are people willing to risk everything to achieve it.

“Entrepreneurship is the best medicine for depression and existential emptiness.”

We live in an unprecedented openness to new ideas, new approaches and new business. Forget about the clock and focus on the actions and the end goal you want to achieve.

I know that you will have doubts and fears therefore to begin with, as thousands of people have done: set aside two hours a day, work nights, sacrifice a little of your free time and of course turn off the television and go learn what you can of the digital age. Did you know that eBay creator Pierre Omidyar brought his business idea to life one night he decided to do it?

It is time to react. Don’t be afraid to yell and fire the bosses in your life or quit boring jobs. Look around you and see what the entrepreneurs look like. Write down your questions of inquisitive and creative curiosity. The new poets of the “.com” are leaving a digital mark, breaking the silence and starting a revolution.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs throughout Latin America, restless, having to exchange their jobs when determined by the dream of having your business. They are the executives who work at night and in the early hours of the day to start their own company. This revolution does not use weapons, but inventive minds. A new inventive order was born. There are already digital and ethical entrepreneurs. These people are willing to create new business and new ways of thinking about the creative economy and the so-called web-entrepreneurism.

We have to appreciate the good, especially the good ideas of our current society. East new approach to doing business it only requires dedication, preparation and effort. The 1000 business ideas blog was also born that way. (To be continue….)

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    Igniting conversations for Youth Entrepreneurs in the Digital Transformation era