How to Make Money Designing Websites

Nowadays website design is a very competitive businessThere are hundreds of companies that provide similar services and that basically compete with the lowest prices to obtain the most customers.

Despite this, the difficult market and the low prices we can compete against, it is possible to survive in the business by applying certain techniques and above all by constantly innovating and being creative, here are some types to learn how to earn money designing websites.

Planning your Business

If you do not have knowledge in design then we recommend you start taking one right now because otherwise these recommendations will not serve you for your business plan, on the web there are thousands of free courses; In case you are a novice or professional designer, everything you learn can be assimilated and executed in your daily work.

As we mentioned in a previous article, the main letter of presentation of a designer is his portfolio, even if it is our first time starting in the design we try to elaborate a basic portfolio that serves so that our clients can observe the quality of our work, it is not necessary emphasize that our portfolio must be on a web page that we have designed ourselves, that will reinforce our work and direct input from our future clients.

Client Search

After preparing our portfolio and our main page where we will offer our services we must look for new clients, at first this may be complicated but depending on the quality of our work, clients will increase little by little until we become a recognized brand but While we get there, it is necessary to carry out some marketing techniques and start looking for clients to hire us.

  • SME search: small businesses They are looking to position themselves on the Internet and show their products to the whole world, some of them have much higher prospects than others but the vast majority only want to have a static site in which their company is described and of course its benefits. Let’s focus on these sectors to attract new customers and expand our portfolio.
  • Search for Independent Professionals: Freelancers know that if you are not on the Internet, you practically do not exist. Despite the fact that social networks have covered certain aspects of visibility on the network, a personal website is still a very effective alternative for personal marketing.
  • Search for Contracts with Public Entities: Local and regional public entities are other potential clients, although here many times businesses are marked by countless bureaucratic procedures but it is never too much to try.

Giving each client what they really need

After having our client we must offer the service that suits their needs, so for example we are not going to develop a too complex site if our client only wants a portal in which people can see a detail of their location and services.

The professionalism of our work will be reflected in the treatment we give to clients, we must always carry out at least a brief analysis of the service that our client provides, which is what he is looking for with his portal and in what way we we can help you. This will not only benefit him but also us who will save time and save production costs.

Reducing Costs

When a Web Design service is provided, the cost of the domain (if it does not have one) and the hosting for the website for a certain time are generally included. One way to save costs is by using a Hosting shared between all our clients and managed by us.

For the development of the portal we can use the classic CMS since they do not require a lot of work and at the same time save time and money, the time it takes to build a website in WordPress is not the same as when you start designing a website from scratch. Lowering costs will not only benefit us as entrepreneurs but also our clients who will have quality work at low cost.

Prices according to the market and the client

As we explained in a previous point, the client should only be given what he needs and if he is being given a service that has not required us a lot of work, then we will have to charge him in relation to it, in the same way if our work requires a lot of time and more dedication we must charge according to the normal market quota and always feeling satisfied with the remuneration that we are requesting.

In conclusion, for make money designing websites it is necessary to have the following requirements:

  • Have knowledge in web design
  • Have workers who know how to do web design

Always trying to follow the following recommendations:

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