Automatic Money With A Vending Machine Business

Automatic Money With A Vending Machine Business

Vending is a concept that is commonly used to refer to all those “artifacts” that in exchange for a few coins allow us to automatically obtain a consumer item.

These machines are becoming more popular every day and today it is common to find them in any corridor of hospitals, universities, public buildings, shopping centers, clinics and supermarkets to mention only some of the most common places.

The most common machines are the gum ball and candy dispensers that are aimed at a very easy to conquer hook market such as children.

What mom would refuse to buy her little one a chewing gum that is in the machine if it does not cost more than a coin and that can be obtained instantly and with the addition of seeing a beautiful smile on her little one as she lowers the ball ? Wow, those machines are awesome!

And this is precisely how this interesting works business model: coin by coin.

But the vending business it is much more than just small gumball machines. In fact, this concept has evolved rapidly and today vending is valid to distribute any kind of product that comes to mind: from chips, cigarettes, sodas, coffee, phone cards, to condoms and others.

But what makes vending a practical and interesting business concept?

Before mentioning its specific advantages, I will say that fundamentally this is a magnificent business since it complies with the concept of “asset” suggested by Robert Kiysaki in his readings.

An asset is nothing more than a business that almost automatically puts money in your pocket. And in fact it is thus because you practically make an initial investment in the machines, the product supplies, you place them in strategic places and from there the business begins to operate automatically.

So now yes, I am going to list some of the most unique advantages that make this one of my favorite business models.

5 Advantages of Vending Machines

  1. You don’t need employees. In fact, you can be self-employed because the work to supply and maintain them is minimal. And unless you grow to a significant machine network, you don’t need more technical support to run your business.
  2. You don’t need to be there to attend to it. This means that you don’t need to spend 8 hours a day and 6 days a week controlling your business. You can spend just a few hours to make a route and check the status of the machines, stock them, withdraw the money and verify that everything is in order.
  3. You do not require a commercial premises. In fact, part of the operating mechanics of a vending machine business consists of renting or borrowing dead spaces in corridors of shopping centers or within certain specific local businesses. So you don’t need to pay rent for your business to work.
  4. There will hardly be claims of any kind from your clients. The vending business is an automated business based on machines and you will rarely have to face complicated situations of claims or problems to solve unless one of your machines fails which is another matter.
  5. Your vending machines will work 24 hours while you dedicate yourself to other activities. So is. Your business works 24×7. Every day, all the time and that represents the best reason to invest in vending machines.

And the most important advantage of all: the investments of vending machines are minimal compared to all the benefits and high profitability that they can represent and some can even be acquired for rent while you gather some capital to buy them.

Some Numbers About the Vending Business

Imagine you have a double gum dispensing machine. In other words, it has two capsules to distribute different products and that makes it more attractive.

The initial value to invest for one of these machines is around $ 150.
If you supply it with 200 pieces of gum per week that cost $ 0.15 cents then you would be selling an average of $ 30 per week or $ 120 per month.

Considering that you do not have employees to pay, nor do you use electricity, nor do you pay rent and maintenance is minimal, your profit could be 70% which leaves you an approximate profit of $ 84 dollars.

If we consider some transportation and mobilization costs, we could conclude that you could be earning about $ 75 per month.

It might not sound like a big deal if you have only one machine running. But what would happen if you visualize your business bigger and over time you manage to place 10 vending machines at different points. We would be talking about an income of $ 750 per month. Extras to your current income.

And if you have 20 or 30 machines … can you visualize it better now?

Furthermore, this simple example has to do with small gumball machines. And what if we analyze a larger vending machine that dispenses chips, soda and cookies?
The numbers would surely be significantly higher.

As you can see, there are no limits to the growth of this business and the only thing you really need to get started (in addition to some minimal investment) is to develop logistics and have a lot of creativity.

What do you want to sell? Still no one offers pets for vending but someone will have to do it for the first time !! 🙂

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