Become a Wedding Planner

If you are extremely thoughtful and organized, becoming a wedding planner may be an excellent option for you.

This is the first great requirement because a wedding planner is a specialist in organizing, coordinating and watching over every detail so that that dreamed day is completely liked by the bride and groom who are your contractors.

Although there is no formal degree that gives you the title as such, they are taught in many certified places to help you know all the aspects to carry out your coordination work efficiently.

To be a specialist in organizing events of this class, you need to learn and master certain skills that will help you provide the best service and therefore grow your business in this line.

Steps to start your wedding planner business

Contact with suppliers

The first step and probably one of the most important is to have contacts with a variety of local suppliers related to the subject of weddings with whom you will have started a business relationship through which you will obtain special prices in order to compete and guarantee your clients the best advantages in terms of budget.

In that sense, you must have efficient communication with florists, decorators, musicians, photography and video professionals, makeup artists, etc.

Update Constantly

The people who usually hire wedding planners on a regular basis have high paying capacity and will therefore be very demanding with all the details of the organization.

Hence, it is very important to stay up-to-date on the subject of fashion trends by attending catwalks, fairs organized by suppliers and documenting as much as possible about the best details to offer a very high-level event.

Attend social events and be very observant to take the best ideas that you can then sell to your clients, remember that creativity and exclusivity pay very well.

Organization Skills

Undertaking in this business requires order, punctuality and commitment. It is extremely important to have an agenda, to communicate clearly with suppliers and customers. If you can have an assistant and trustworthy people to whom you can delegate some tasks it will be very positive.

Especially as the organization’s maxim says, know that “there is a place for everything and everything must go in its place“So that order reigns in your work.

A lot of Emotional Intelligence

As part of your wedding planning, you will need to understand that all work is focused on ensuring that the bride and groom’s most important day is accomplished efficiently and in a spectacular way. However, in the process there will be many pressures, demands and above all moments of tension that are totally natural, especially on the day of the ceremony.

You will need to be very capable of handling last minute changes, problem solving, improvising if necessary and getting everyone to do their part to make things work out in a nervous climate.

Communication skills

Another important skill as an entrepreneur that you should develop is being able to deal with different people. It is common within the wedding planning process that you have to deal with different people “in charge” because they want to be sure that your work will be professional.

So you will have to attend to the boyfriends, the in-laws, the brothers-in-law, other managers and it is very important that you can serve them with the gift of people and at the same time with a firm character to prevent them from interfering in the organization process even when they can. have very good intentions.

Be Part of the Guilds

Organizing and exchanging information is important to be successful as a Wedding Planner entrepreneur.

Contact the planning unions in your city and attend the meetings and seminars they offer regularly. This will help you to be informed and always get the best benefits for your clients.

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How To Be A Wedding Planner And Turn It Into A Profitable Business

Now that you understand how to be a professional planner and all that it requires, it is also important that you know how to turn it into a profitable business that is definitely worth it.

First of all, as in any business, you must make a plan that includes all the necessary elements for the operation and functioning of your business. Here I will tell you how to make your business plan step by step.

Tips to Grow Your Entrepreneurship

Build a brand. Make sure to print business cards and brochures where you clearly describe the scope of your services. Create a professional design to convey a powerful image to help you close sales.

Sell ​​your services. As we always say, a business that does not sell is not a business. If you have sales skills, you should go out and offer your services to potential clients. If you do not have the facility to sell, then you should hire the services of someone to help you sell your services and in return earn a commission for closed business.

Lean on the Internet and social networks. An Internet marketing strategy is very convenient because it will help you get customers using the benefits of social networks. Having your website and especially advertising on Facebook is a very good platform to promote this kind of wedding planner services.

Make a catalog. It is important to have a service catalog that contains pre-established packages so that your clients can choose the one that best suits their budget and at the same time you can clearly know what you include and what you do not, thus measuring the profitability of your work. .

Fill out a contract. Get advice from a trusted lawyer to be able to sign a service contract with each client in order to protect the limits of what you offer. Especially in a tense climate, the wedding day can end up demanding things that were not offered and the only thing that protects you is a contract.

Of course, if it is within your means, you can solve a certain emergency situation but at an additional cost without the pressure of having it interpreted as having been requested. Having everything in writing is the best tool to protect your integrity as a professional.

Collect an advance. It is important that you request an advance to start your work. A 40% or 50% can be recommended and the complement, a couple of days before the wedding in order to guarantee your payment.

Try as much as possible not to charge after the wedding because it often happens that the bride and groom make extraordinary expenses, or go on a trip or get in debt with the inconvenience of your payment being affected.

Neither on the wedding day because there will be too many nerves, guests and it is not appropriate. Charging 2 days before is convenient because in this way, you guarantee that you will comply with what is offered and you will have your pay on time ensuring the profitability and proper functioning of your business.

Advertise with discretion. Another key tip on your wedding day is to do some publicity. You can request authorization from the bride and groom to place an elegant banner promoting your brand, also some detail of the brand on the cake, and even discreetly place some brochures so that those attending the ceremony can know how to contact you.

Being a wedding planner and turning it into your profitable business can bring you enormous satisfaction. It is a freelance type business where you work on your own, the time you decide and as your clients require. You choose the level of fees you will charge and especially when you are available.

For that and much more, this is an excellent alternative to start your own business.

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