Start the Joint Chiropractic Franchise

Start the Joint Chiropractic Franchise

Chiropractic is an untapped market in most communities.

Owning a membership-based chiropractic franchise is the best choice for both chiropractors and entrepreneurs.

The Joint Chiropractic has taken the chiropractic industry by storm, growing from a small number of stores to over 350 locations across the country in less than a decade. Today it is the largest network of chiropractic clinics in the country, performing over three million adjustments a year.


The ease of The Joint’s business model means that owning a chiropractic franchise has become more inclusive than ever.

While chiropractors are passionate and successful franchisees because our business model allows them to focus on their patients, the The Joint franchise does not require any prior medical or chiropractic experience.

Entrepreneurs who are passionate about delivering quality and affordable care to their communities are equally successful with The Joint.

Top Reasons To Join The Joint Chiropractic

  • Simple construction and extensions with little space requirement
  • Simple permits for real estate
  • Responsive structure that is consumer friendly
  • Minimal employees (3-4) at the first opening / introduction.
  • A stable workforce. No need for a large number of specialist staff outside of the primary chiropractor.
  • No inventory is required to run ongoing operations.
  • Electronic patient management and records, streamlining operations and making it easier for patients to visit clinics in the United States
  • The primary person responsible for running the business model is a licensed chiropractic practitioner – a highly skilled professional who has invested more than $ 200,000 in eight years of post-secondary education.
  • Easy scaling to multiple units.
  • Most of the costs of maintaining the ongoing business of the business model are fixed. The model is service oriented, with little to no cost of goods sold.
  • Due to the lack of insurance administration, the chiropractor can treat more patients. This enables economies of scale as soon as gross income exceeds expenses, resulting in a significant increase in profitability.
  • The ratio of the average or expected sales to invested capital of the joint is excellent and compares favorably with many other franchises you may consider.

The joint offers a safe, natural, and drug-free approach for those seeking pain relief and health care.

With locally owned and operated locations nationwide, The Joint makes personalized care affordable and convenient, and enables millions to experience the benefits of chiropractic care.

Are you ready to restore balance through health and wellbeing? Market?

Please fill out the form below to learn more and take the next steps with The Joint Chiropractic!

* “Analysis of the Healthcare Industry 2016 – Costs and Trends” – Franchise Aid.
Note: Some states do not allow an unlicensed individual to own or operate a chiropractic practice or clinic. In these states, you would own a chiropractic management franchise that provides management services to an affiliated professional chiropractic practice. For more information on this structure, please see our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

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