Start a PatchMaster Franchise

Start a PatchMaster Franchise


Owning a successful business is a dream for many, but finding a company that offers solid potential for a small investment can be difficult – until now!

The PatchMaster franchise system is an inexpensive investment opportunity with great potential. We fill a niche that is in high demand with homeowners and professionals in the US and Canada, but the initial capital and ongoing overhead costs are far less than most franchise concepts.

Why choose PatchMaster?

Our goal at PatchMaster is simple: to dominate the new category of household services known as “Small Drywall Repair” through continuous innovation in technology and excellent service. The premise is both simple and brilliant.

We do the drywall repairs that others don’t want to do. Homeowners don’t have the skills to make them, drywall contractors don’t want to make patches, and plumbers, electricians, and many other tradesmen need someone to patch up the holes they leave.


The PatchMaster business model is highly scalable, so you can work for yourself or expand your team.

We have all the training and support you need to make your dream come true of working for yourself in an industry with unlimited potential!

  • Inexpensive business opportunity.
  • Ongoing business coaching and support.
  • National brand and network of franchisees.
  • Over 40 years of experience as a franchisor for over 3,500,000 homeowners.

PatchMaster knows all about franchising! We have great support from corporate headquarters and other franchisees are always eager to share what works for them. Excellent initial training for a quick start Dave Biggerstaff | Franchisee, South Carolina


As a PatchMaster franchisee, you will receive technical, sales, and administrative training, exclusive areas, and the marketing and management support you need to get your PatchMaster drywall repair business up and running.

Since neither inventory nor fancy office space is required, your investment in your new home franchise can quickly pay off!

How the PatchMaster business model can help you achieve your goals

The PatchMaster business model is more solid than ever in all areas. This includes strong margins, scalability and proven tools for business development. When a franchisee joins the PatchMaster system, they can expect:


Rarely has there been an opportunity to build a solid business with such high potential for such a small investment. The total investment range is $ 28,450 to $ 49,000, including the one-time initial franchise fee of $ 19,500.


Social media, website, printed matter, vehicle packaging, you name it – we can help you! We’ll equip you with the marketing know-how and support you need to get these patch jobs rolling!


A week of training at our training center and headquarters in New Jersey will give you the technical and operational knowledge you need to generate revenue quickly.

The training covers everything from hands-on patches to hiring your team to digital marketing. After completing your initial training, ongoing coaching and training will be offered to ensure that you can continue to meet the needs of your clients and your team.


It may sound cliché, but we know that if our franchisees are unsuccessful, we will not succeed. And we love what we do. You will find that everyone at PatchMaster, from the President to your fellow franchisees, will do everything they can to make you succeed.

The PatchMaster business model offers today’s entrepreneur the perfect opportunity to build a thriving, scalable home service business backed by some of the most successful and experienced team members in franchising.

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