Martial Arts: set up your dojo or gym

Martial Arts: set up your dojo or gym

Martial arts in its different expressions are in fashion today more than ever and there are passionate fans everywhere who are looking for an ideal center to practice their favorite discipline.

It is not only a very noble business but if you exploit it creatively it is also very profitable. Today I share the steps for setting up your own Martial Arts Dojo.

First, we must clarify that it is essential and essential for the management and development of this business to have the experience and knowledge in Martial Arts that certify you as a qualified professional to teach the courses.

If this is not your case, but you have the necessary capital to invest in a business of this kind, you can associate or hire a specialist in Martial Arts and his assistants to teach the classes, while you manage the operation of the gym.

Why a martial arts gym?
Probably the reason this is a attractive business It is because people today are more and more interested not only in their physical and mental well-being but in learning basic self-defense techniques either for themselves or for their children. Hence, if you have a specialized approach, then your chances of success are even higher. And if to this you add some ingredients of good service such as: excellent customer service, pleasant atmosphere and professional instructors, then you will surely see how soon your profits begin to arrive.

The Commercial Strategy
We will start by mentioning that fundamental business strategy (as such) consists of offering your clients the possibility of a martial arts career that allows them to learn self defense through regular courses, with the option of different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

If you want an even more defined approach, you can target your courses specifically to:

  • Children and youth
  • Ladies
  • People with a specific interest in personal defense

The business, in fact, is based on the teaching of group classes that allow the student to learn the basic skills of martial arts (Kempo, Tai Chi, Judo, Aikido, etc.), however around the main entrance that are the courses, You can consider other inputs derived from the commercialization of:

  • Annual registrations and monthly payments
  • Sale of uniforms (karate)
  • Sale of sports equipment of the discipline such as masks, gloves, protectors, etc.
  • Grade ribbons sale
  • Cost of regular exams for tape change
  • Organization and participation in tournaments and contests
  • Sale of food and soft drinks
  • Medals, trophies and diplomas
  • Sale of photographs and videos of students in their practices

Initial investment

Basically the investment at the beginning consists of the rent and adaptation of the gym. This cost will depend on the size of the premises to be rented and its location. You can start with a small or medium place, let’s say focused on about 15 to 25 students since you must bear in mind that your courses will be taught by the hour.

Additionally, you should consider the placement of special flooring, mirrors, adaptation of offices, basic services such as water, electricity, telephones, as well as all the additional accessories necessary for the practices of the discipline that you will teach.

You should also include in your initial costs, a percentage for investment in advertising and promotion that makes your business known in the surroundings of your area.

Income Projection
If you plan to have 10-20 students per hour and have a minimum of 5 productive hours per day, then you would be teaching an average of 75 courses per month. If the average investment of each student in your premises, including the above-mentioned aspects, is around US $ 50, then you would be rounding up a monthly billing of about US $ 3,750 with a small gym.

An advantage of this kind of business is that it is almost entirely services except for the products that you yourself can offer as a complement and requirement to receive their courses. The basic costs would be the payment of the fees of the instructors and assistants, as well as the regular services, stationery, secretary and cleaning services.

Essentially we can think that to teach the 60 courses in the month you will need two instructors and two assistants with whom you can agree to an hourly fee averaging about $ 1200 per month.

Estimated Initial Investment
Deposit and rent of premises us $ 700
Adaptation of premises us $ 600
Furniture and equipment us $ 700
Promotion and advertising us $ 300
Legalization and registration us $ 150
Total us$ 2450

Estimated Monthly Expenses
Premises rent us $ 350
Fees us $ 1500
Services us $ 150
Advertising us $ 150
Taxes and other us $ 150
Total us$ 2300

Profit Estimation
If your billing is projected at US $ 3,700 per month and your monthly costs round US $ 2,300, then your monthly profit would round up the us$ 1400 not bad to start your business. Of course, your initial goal for this entry is to enroll 75 students as soon as possible.

These estimates, as you can see, are quite conservative considering only the teaching of martial arts courses, however if you want to further expand the income possibilities, you can consider other complementary services such as:

  • Yoga classes
  • Fitness courses
  • Aerobics
  • Exhibitions
  • Short self defense seminars
  • Cafeteria and others

So now you know, the best formula for success is to do what you are passionate about and if you Martial Arts They are your passion, so you are on the right track.

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