The Path to Wealth

The Path to Wealth

For many years in my life, I came to reject the idea of ​​being rich. For many reasons, social, religious and even for a good dose of pride, the road to riches it was not part of my schedule.

Psychologists say that denial is only a defense mechanism against something that you cannot overcome, or achieve …

Fortunately, after a while certain events changed my paradigms about wealth and I came to understand that you can be rich and that wealth, built on smart work and without vanity, can bring enormous satisfaction.

Be rich It can make a big difference in your life, your family and in society in general. In fact, you can help more people by being rich.

Now, this topic always leads us to consider several questions:

  • How to be rich?
  • How to find that desired road to riches when you have many debts and commitments to meet?
  • How do you get to financial freedom if you have a job and barely have time to build something of your own?
  • How achieve wealth if you can barely make ends meet?

In that sense, one of our sponsors has published his personal testimony condensed in what he calls: “a sincere guide to getting rich“This is a book that describes in detail how a middle-class man, with an average life and few resources, managed to make his way, found several companies and become a millionaire. And as he himself describes it, his main weapon being the faith to believe that you can.

What I like about this book “Seré Rico y Punto” is that it is NOT irresponsibly supposed to be a “magic” or quick way to get rich. Rather, it is a guide to making the most of your own personal, financial and intellectual resources to transform them into your ladder to wealth.

Of course, and I emphasize this, you cannot be rich from one day to the next and less without working. What does make a difference is what you do and how you do it. For something, people like Robert Kiyosaki Y Donald Trump They constantly talk about differentiating between hard work … and smart work.

In the book, some topics are touched such as:

  • Why do Jews have so much money
  • Because the poor are poor
  • Simple ways to start making money
  • The psychology of millionaires
  • How to find what will make you rich

So, to find the path to wealth, we must first begin by changing our thinking and our paradigms about money and we will continue talking about this in future articles.

Meanwhile here you can see more about the book “Seré Rico y Punto”.

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