Tips on How to Open a Food Truck #Businessideas

For those who are looking for advice on how to open a food truck, you will find in this guide a step-by-step process.

This type of business has been very successful and is a great opportunity for those who want to start a business.

The whole movement began in New York in 2009, largely due to the crisis that reduced the income of several restaurants, making it impossible to bear the expenses of rent and other expenses. Thus was born the idea of ​​taking restaurants where the customer was: on the street.

In Brazil, for example, the food truck fever started in Sao Paulo, the first city to have specific legislation for it.

Starting from a good idea

The first tip for those who want to know how to open a food truck is to define the menu that you will offer to your future customers. You need this information to take the next steps, such as determining the characteristics of vehicles, appliances, and other equipment.

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What kind of customer service do you offer?

Another important step in this planning stage to open your food truck is determining the audience you want to reach, what we commonly call the Target Market. Determine what are their consumption habits, the hours to eat and the money they have available for their food.

Food truck business structure

The basic business of a truck of this class is to offer quick meals in a simplified presentation to save time in the preparation and delivery process. To achieve this goal, you need to plan the preparation very well and have meals almost ready in the truck in a real industrial kitchen scheme.

Capital to start your food truck

As in any other business, it is necessary to evaluate the resources necessary to set up your food truck.

Depending on the model you are adopting, the cost can vary greatly, since a type of structure is needed for each menu proposal.

That is precisely why our first two tips on how to open a food truck they refer to business planning and modeling. The key in the planning stage is to clearly define the technical aspects of the project.

Choice of truck

The truck to be used must adapt to current needs and short-term expansion. There are no perfectly prepared trucks to sell food at a full scale, so we will have to choose one that has the capacity to adapt and transform quickly within the framework of a real food business.

Personalization and branding

Once the vehicle adaptation is completed, it will be time to customize the food truck that will give you the visual identity that you chose for your brand. Remember that much of the success of a food truck is down to the visuals, so this factor really needs to stand out.


Like in any other business, for open a food truck You will have to carry out the legalization procedures that constitute a company for your business. In principle, one of the simplest options is to register as an individual entrepreneur, which is less complicated.

Operating license

In order for you to start working, it is necessary, in most cities, to request an authorization from the city council so that your food trucks can work in these public spaces that are emerging throughout the country for this purpose.

Bureaucratic procedures vary widely from city to city, and even some do not require a special license.

Food truck promotion

Another of our tips on how to open a food truck is to invest heavily in marketing, especially digital and mobile-oriented. The Internet has proven to be one of the most effective means of spreading food trucks and some of them have even developed specific applications to present their menus, offers and location of the truck.

Event tracking

An alternative to get the most out of the business is to participate in large events such as fairs, exhibitions and musical events. Although in these cases most of the time you have to pay a participation fee, the amount of public will make it worth the investment.

Be careful with the weather

Our final recommendation on how to open a food truck is to always keep an eye on the weather, as it directly influences the operation of these businesses.

Whether it’s hot or cold weather, sometimes pulling your truck out of the garage doesn’t pay. Don’t forget to take this factor into account when planning your future cash flow as well.