Sex and business the perfect formula

Note: this post can skyrocket your income to levels never before imagined! If you want to know about how to make true business with sex, keep reading.

Ready! Get your attention !! Don’t be scared by the title of this post. Remember that this blog is about business and not about sex, so my goal is to show you the opportunities that can be found around this interesting and at the same time lucrative business niche within a correct and legal perspective.

But the word SEX, Attracts attention. If you are an observer, you will notice that all (or almost all) magazines today include the word “sex“From sports magazines, entertainment, cars to the most conservative.

Why ? Very easy: sex in its diversity of products sells and the mere fact of including an article about sex in the magazines makes them more attractive and therefore more sold. This is an undeniable effect that the great marketing geniuses have managed to exploit very well in all media.

So today I share one business list related to the subject among which you will surely find something that you can turn into a lucrative source of income:

  1. Lingerie. Distribution of lingerie type clothing. You can start with a catalog sale to put your own intimate clothing store for women that also sell at very good prices.
  2. Condom Vending Machines. Vending is in fashion and the distribution of condoms has turned out to be a perfect option for those who need to acquire these items promptly and discreetly.
  3. Perfumery. Undoubtedly a perfect product for every gentleman or lady who wants to please and look good with their partner. You can become a retail perfume distributor.
  4. Roses and flower arrangements. Every conquest begins with a flower and every day there will be men giving roses to their women. The distribution of flower arrangements is an excellent business niche, especially if it is exploited with great creativity.
  5. Scented candles. The best accompaniment to a night of passion are scented candles. You can become a manufacturer or wholesale distributor.
  6. Professional models and hostesses service. A service with high demand for events, fairs and advertising stands is to highlight them with attractive models. You can form your own academy and provide the hourly service to companies.
  7. Gifts and Cards. Everything related to the home delivery service of balloons, arrangements, chocolates, stuffed animals and cards for couples.
  8. Dating service. Increasingly fashionable, the blind date coordination service for single guys and girls with similar interests.
  9. Romantic nights organizer. Who wouldn’t pay to have a totally romantic evening organized with your partner in a cozy restaurant, with your favorite dish, a bedroom adorned with roses, scented candles and music. Ideal service for newlyweds or anniversaries.
  10. Video
    • , title : 'Mathematics and sex | Clio Cresswell | TEDxSydney
      Mathematics and sex | Clio Cresswell | TEDxSydney
  11. Serenades. To conquer or to apologize, nothing better than a serenade with mariachi. The concept consists of offering the service fully planned and organized according to the occasion. The cost is per hour.

Of course, there may be other interesting options born from the creativity of restless entrepreneurs. Do you suggest any?

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