NeuroMarketing vs.  Traditional Marketing

NeuroMarketing vs. Traditional Marketing

In this episode in “The Sales Brain”Gabriel Blanco explains the main differences between the neuromarketing and new marketing trends compared to traditional marketing and marketing research methods used so far.

In one of his most successful articles in Entrepreneur magazine Gabriel tells why Neuromarketing it is a much more effective approach to increase the sales and results of a marketing campaign.

At the same time, share what are the most innovative contributions that neuromarketing makes to the world of sales and marketing.

Gabriel explains how Neuromarketing It is a multidisciplinary approach that covers many topics, from marketing, sales, audiovisual production, film, theater, advertising communication, web and graphic design, social media and even personal development.

If you want to know more about and about how to increase your sales with this science, you can follow Gabriel’s YouTube channel where every week several programs on Business, mentality and marketing in the new era are shared.

Every week, more information, more discoveries and useful tools to implement in Neuromarketing and internet sales, with Gabriel Blanco.

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