An Internet Business Where You Get Paid To Do What You Love

Browse the Internet, use social networks, chat with friends and search for new and entertaining applications …

If these are just a few of your favorite hobbies, why not turn them into a good deal and simply let the internet pay you to do what you love or know how to do?

What is the business idea?

Surely you are wondering: “this sounds very nice but how do you do it?“.

So here I tell you those secrets and give you the step by step guide to start an interesting online business from the comfort of your home or rather from wherever you are. The only thing you will need is to know how to use the Internet and of course, a lot of desire to learn.

It is not as difficult as it seems but we have to say that it is not an activity that you can take lightly.

So if this proposal really appeals to you, I encourage you to seriously consider it as a profession that can generate a very good income, enough to cover the payments of some accounts and that can also allow you to work part-time.

The Internet is a huge source of possibilities

Some internet business of course they are more technical than others or they require a bit more specialized preparation to be able to develop them. However, there is an excellent option that I have discovered and that I think is great for any young person, housewife or anyone who wants to take advantage of their skills on the Web to build a small (big) business.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business.
. is a platform for people who want to provide Freelance services that allows you to take advantage of your skills to do small jobs that together can represent an interesting income.

If you have skills, for example, as a cartoonist, graphic designer, web designer, programmer, Internet expert or Social Networks. Maybe you like to write or maybe you are just very good at shooting some videos.

If you possess any of these skills, then you are a perfect candidate to start today. your own business on Fiverr.

How does this business work?

It is very simple and I will explain it to you in a few lines. . is a platform that groups together a number of people who offer their services and other people from all over the world who require such services.

One of the peculiarities of Fiverr is that it is based on a concept in which everything costs $ 5. This of course is a very well thought out marketing strategy because the reality is that with the add-ons and extra services, the cost of a job can easily average $ 15 at least (which is still quite convenient).

The first thing you have to do is take a tour of the platform and discover what line of services you could offer. There are many so some of them should fit your skills and experience on the web.

Once this is done, you proceed to register for free at . and create your first service offering. You can evaluate the existing ones to get an idea of ​​how easy it is.

For example. If you like to draw and are good at making caricatures of people, then you could upload some samples of your work to get people interested and offer a basic cartoon that will cost $ 5.

For this, the interested person will send you a photo which you will take as a basis to do your work and once it is finished you send it to your client. During this process, . works as an intermediary until the moment in which the applicant (client) indicates that he agrees with the work received and that he complies with what is offered.

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At that point, Fiverr credits $ 4 of the five dollars the customer paid to your account and they keep $ 1 of commission.

Additionally, you can offer some complements to your service such as a full body caricature for an additional $ 5 or a color caricature for another $ 5. Averaging about $ 10 to $ 15 per job.

Now imagine if you can attract interested clients to whom you can deliver about four jobs a week that average $ 15. We would be talking about a $ 224 profit that will be paid at the end of the month through Paypal. And if you double the amount of jobs you can do, then you would have more than $ 500 a month, without leaving your home.

Not bad for someone who spends his extra time doing what he likes best, don’t you think?

Secrets to be a successful business

Well, this system works wonders for people of different abilities. The secret is to be very formal with the delivery of orders, clearly specify what your work includes, comply with it and maintain excellent communication with your applicants all the time in order to guarantee the best service so that they qualify you well and thus attract more customers.

The platform is originally in English but they have an accessible version in Spanish from es..

What are you waiting for? If you have a laptop and an Internet connection, start right now your own online business!

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Successes and tell me what you think of this business idea.

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