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Start an AHI group | Start HomeCare Business

Really own your non-medical senior care agency

No license fees and no territorial restrictions!

Affordable and flexible

Non-medical home care business

Welcome to the AHI Group | StartupHomeCare! North America’s premier non-franchise non-medical home care business opportunity. If you’re looking for a rewarding career as an entrepreneur in a booming industry, you’ve found the best!

StartupHomeCare is the initial training arm of the AHI Group – a nationwide membership organization of more than 300 home care agencies. AHI Group offers a comprehensive non-medical solution to start up and support home care businesses for those who choose to do so really own run their business and receive unlimited financial returns while providing valuable and rewarding service to their senior community.

  • The proven systems of the AHI Group work! Currently supports more than 300 successful AHI Group member agencies across the country.
  • Ten days of expert initial training, ongoing coaching / mentoring from former successful home care agency business owners for the life of your business, networking with our $ 5 million club members, weekly mastermind calls, etc.
  • Proprietary Programs / Tools – Unlike a consulting firm that shares its tools with thousands of home care agencies, the AHI Group only shares its proprietary tools / programs with more than 300 members.
  • Social media management programs.
  • Five additional sources of income.
  • All systems, materials, required licenses, documents, etc. required to run / market your business.
  • Niche Veteran’s In-House Annuity Program – so you can get cash for 15 million of our veterans and their spouses – so they can pay for your care services.
  • No license fees or sales-restricting territories, and you retain real 100% ownership of your company.
  • No industry experience required, but must meet certain work experience requirements.

You’re at the front The one time lifetime membership fee for AHI Group is $ 12,500.

In addition, you must have an additional $ 10,000 available for the first six months of startup costs such as office space, insurance, supplies, etc. That’s a total of $ 22,500 in cash.

Funding is available for the full $ 22,500 for those with a credit score of 710 or higher (no exceptions).. No ongoing license fees or territorial restrictions. You can determine your business area at no additional cost – by expanding it whenever you are ready.

If you have your own successful senior care business, you don’t have to give 1/3 of your profits to a French.

Our comprehensive and expert training, combined with our daily coaching / mentoring after launch by our experienced team of former home care company owners, a full range of operating systems, manuals / guidelines, 5 additional sources of income, niche marketing techniques / programs and marketing materials (personalized website , Brochures, banner ads, business cards, presentation folders, letterheads, etc.) get your business up and running and ensure success.


You will learn directly from those who have stood in your shoes and have already achieved great success with their proven approach and business methodology.

Our founders are made up of people embedded in the home care industry who have started their own multi-million dollar home care agency in the most competitive senior care market in the nation – Southern California.

Some important points about the AHI Group’s business model are listed below:

This is your business: We are not a franchise. You have 100% ownership of your business and the freedom to do whatever you want on an ongoing basis. Add new businesses and services, partner with other organizations – whatever you decide best for your situation.

Your company will have a name of its own, but you will be part of the AHI Group’s 300-plus member organization of independent home care agencies. We’ll help you grow your business from the ground up and then provide you with the vital daily coaching / mentoring you need for the first 18 months (or as long as you need it) – with no license fees or additional membership fees.

No license fees: You don’t pay royalties on your hard earned income. AHI Group generates its recurring income from three optional programs that increase the revenues of their home care agencies, saving them thousands of dollars every month. As each agency uses the optional programs and grows, the ongoing sales of the AHI Group also grow. It’s a win-win situation!

Ongoing coaching / mentoring for the life of your business – from our experienced team of former owners and founders of home care agencies. Many home care agencies go out of business every year because they do not have experienced professionals to hold their hand after they open their doors to business.

Our team will guide you through the myriad of situations you will encounter in the first 18 months that we may not have time for in our first 10 days of expert training.

No area restrictions: We DO NOT need any long-term contracts or agreements that could limit your ability to grow your business or enter new territory. When you are ready to expand your coverage area and move to a new city, you can do so at your convenience without purchasing another area.

Unique in-house veteran pension program: In our country there are 15 million people who could qualify for this VA pension benefit and only ½ million have it today due to a lack of education about the benefit.

AHI Group is the ONLY home care organization in the nation with an internally accredited VA Benefits team that can help people receive this benefit. Once the benefit is approved, the VA will send up to $ 2,200 per month to the recipient’s bank account to pay for care services.

All other home care facilities must use an expensive 3approx Party to help them with these VA benefit applications – and the 3approx Party takes its profit in the process. The AHI Group implemented this program internally to eliminate the middle person and keep profits internal. The AHI Group’s VA program profits are used to ensure the quality of daily support / coaching for AHI Group’s members rather than charging them a royalty on their income. It’s a win-win situation.

Our unique program helps you to acquire 70% more customers than with the 3rdapprox Party program. This is due to our unique interest-free, no-fee customer care loan, which enables our customers to start care services without spending a penny out of pocket.

In addition, the AHI Group charges fewer fees, so that our customers always receive more hours of care than the 3rdapprox Party option offers. Our loan program, combined with more hours of care, allows us to beat any home care agency that does anything with VA Pension Benefits – guaranteed. The Owner’s Net Annual Takeout Profit per year for 90 part-time VA Pension Benefit customers is $ 575,000.

The aim of every agency is to build up to 90 customers in three years. The customers are all veterans or surviving spouses of veterans.

Below is some information you will get if you choose AHI Group to develop and successfully grow your own home care agency:

  • Ten days of initial training. Instructed for five days by the founders of the AHI Group at our main office in Irvine, Southern California. Five extra days at home with online training and reading materials.
  • Financing available for those with a credit score of 710 or higher (no exceptions).
  • Free online training academy So that your caregivers can train them effectively, this is a selling point for your business. Any caregiver can then receive their Certified Senior Care Aide Certification® for just $ 100 through our relationship with the Association of Care Services at Home. This certification attracts nurses to your company if they want to continue their careers, but also gives you a marketing advantage in that “all your nurses are certified”.
  • Essential Marketing Materials with all the content you need – website, brochures, business cards, 8-foot banners, presentation folder, letterhead, newspaper ad.
  • Daily coaching / mentoring for life from our experienced team of former home care agency owners to help you overcome any barriers in your first few years of business and provide a gold standard in care.
  • Back office solutions This will save you $ 3,000 per month in personnel costs in your first fiscal year.
  • Group insurance Professional liability, liability and non-car insurance: Up to 60% savings. That way, you can save $ 6,000 in the first three years instead of buying your own policy as a new home care agency without an “experience assessment”.
  • Cloud-based, state-of-the-art planning, time recording, personnel and accounting software: This saves your office staff many hours of time and streamlines the management of your customers and advisors.
  • Access to corporate contracts: To give you the opportunity to attract customers in the areas of employee compensation, long-term care insurance, medical warning devices, etc.
  • Support in setting up your company: LLC, S-Corp and State Home Care Agency License.
  • Member testimonials: The proof is always in the pudding. After checking out the testimonial page on this website, we encourage you to visit our website and read the testimonials from some of our Five Million Dollar Club members who have annual sales of $ 5 million.

Your background doesn’t have to be in healthcare

We have clients with diverse educational backgrounds and from a wide variety of non-healthcare industries. The first requirement is that you have an interest in helping others improve their lives and not be afraid of hard work. The second requirement relates to your education and work experience.

Starting a business in any industry takes hard work – but done right, the hard work pays off and transforms your small start-up into a full-fledged, multi-location senior care agency that provides quality, affordable care to the senior community.

Please request information below now to learn more about joining StartupHomeCare and to get in touch with us today!

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