Where to Find Your Next Big Idea

Where to Find Your Next Big Idea

While I enjoy watching my own ideas take off, I am even more excited about the possibility of developing a universal formula for success.

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I see the value that entrepreneurship has in our world. Pushing technology forward and challenging ourselves as human beings to think and evolve.

I’ve met people with ideas that have real value to our society, but are allowing minor obstacles to get in their way and prevent them from having an impact.

You probably have at least a slight notion of an idea in mind, but if not, I’m going to give you a little material on where good ideas come from.

The first advice is this: do not stay frozen in the idea. Don’t come up with an idea and try to figure out all the little details right away. Take the idea and run with it.

So where do the ideas come from?

1. Your world

These are the spontaneous ideas that pop up in your everyday life. The appliance in the kitchen that desperately needs another feature, the underutilized advertising opportunity on your morning commute, or the piece of software we know could optimize our workday.

We have a tendency to move through life quickly and accept things as they are, but when you slow down and begin to question the things around you, you will find inspiration. Many of these ideas can be discarded – it is too expensive, there is not enough target audience – but once you start to see the world around you as a market open to opportunity, you will find a couple of business ideas with true potential.

2. Your “bad” ideas

Some of us are blessed with inspiration all the time. We come up with ideas constantly throughout the day, laughing at some of them for being unrealistic and avoiding others for being poor concepts. You will discover that the more bad ideas you have, more good ideas will arise too.

Keep an open note on your mobile device or notebook to jot down all the ideas you have, no matter how silly or great they seem. Returning from time to time to review the list it will be possible to see a more realistic and workable side of some of those. business ideas.

Reading that list with others can also be a starting point for discussion and transforming those concepts into something legitimate. The only way to guarantee that an idea will get nowhere is to ignore it.

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3. Collaborations

Sometimes there are ideas that may not be easily completed, that are half cooked, so to speak. Some of the best inventions in the world are not a one-man effort, but a collaborative effort. Conversations with others in your field, even those you connect with online from the other side of the world, can lead to inspiration of a higher level.

Discussing your concepts with a colleague may lead you to the conclusion that, while individually you have come halfway, together you will have found the gold. Even casual conversations with friends or coworkers can lead to development.

Keep a confidentiality agreement on hand for more serious collaboration meetings, but always be open to the idea of ​​teamwork. Too many egos in recent years have gotten in the way of what could have been great success stories.

4. Friends and family

You also don’t have to limit your collaboration to just other business-minded people. Really listen to your friends and family. By paying attention to their daily complaints, you have the opportunity to find space to improve their lives, as well as your own.

My mother listens with difficulty. I constantly receive requests from her to get something that improves her quality of life. Sure, a lot of your complaints are too big and complicated for me to resolve, but there have been several ideas that have come up and some real concepts and developments that I have made to alleviate your disability.

Think of your friends who have trouble marketing your own business, or older family members who are struggling with modern technology. The people around you are an endless supply of problem-solving possibilities.

Keep in mind that no matter what comes to mind, your mom will probably think it’s cool, so be sure to discuss it with someone less subjective.

5. Ask around you

If you feel like you’re on the entrepreneurship route, you can always ask your potential customers for ideas. Like searching for weak spots in your own company, you can call companies in the market that interests you, and ask them what questions they need to improve their activities. If they all share a common theme – there is your idea. Make that. After all, you know they are going to buy it.

The most important thing is to write your ideas! On the phone, on the tablet and / or in a notebook, write down the general concepts, as well as the little ideas that come along with them. You will find that once an idea hits, your thoughts will become fast and furious.

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