3 Cheap Food Franchises

Fast food franchises or cheap foods are among the most sought after by those who want open your own business and that it is very profitable for them.

The food franchise industry has a lot of competition, but the opening of shopping centers throughout Latin America, even in small cities, and the expansion of market areas, has opened up many opportunities for those who seek a lucrative franchise source.

Many food franchises they are known to be successful and profitable franchises such as the most famous of all: McDonalds, among other successful fast food franchises.

But there are other options cheap food franchises, such as microfranchises that are food stalls in stores or shopping malls that are very interesting for those who want to open their own food business under this interesting model.

3 Cheap Food Franchises

Espetíssimo Kiosk – They are assorted kiosks of baked skewers that also offer drinks such as juices, soft drinks and beers. The investment in the franchise is about USD $ 20,000 and this is a Brazilian franchise that has become widely known in that country and will be known even more for the 2014 world cup.

Temakeria Makis Place – successful franchise that Brazilian food is one of the world’s largest sushi networks. The franchise fee for the installation plus the working capital is about USD $ 35,000.

Mr. Pretzel – This is a low-cost kiosk or retail franchise model. Where the delicious Pretzels are mostly sold with a unique flavor and recipe that makes them different from the others. The investment ranges from USD $ 8,000 to USD $ 12,000

Food franchises always have a quick return on investment, since there is always a desire to eat and even more so when it has been located in a favorable area where there is a wide potential for customers.

The ideal for these franchises is to locate them in areas close to industrial complexes, to always have captive the employee or worker who works in that area. Remember that at lunchtime, they have to eat and what better than to offer your food.

You don’t even have to do a very aggressive promotion, much less expensive. Simple word of mouth takes care of it, although a few flyers never hurt.

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