Purified water, a profitable business light

Purified water, a profitable business light

Whether for culture or health, the growing demand for natural, diet and light products has given way to the creation of many businesses, including pure bottled water, a high profitability business, easy operation and low cost.

In this business niche, the main protagonists for years have been the large bottling companies, however for some time now the high prices of these products have given way to the birth of small companies that offer products of similar quality at a very low price. Are you interested? Today I tell you what you need to know to venture into this interesting business.

What do you need to start a pure bottled water business?
First, you should know that one of the advantages of this business is that you do not need to have a large structure and its ease of operation allows you to be the first and only employee yourself. In addition, the raw material is on hand: Water!

  • A small place (about 20 square meters)
  • Health permits of your locality
  • Permission to operate a small purification plant
  • Strict hygiene rules in your business
  • A purifying plant
  • A washing and filling machine for jugs

What kind of purifying plant do you need?

The equipment necessary for the process is called: Reverse Osmosis Smoothing EquipmentThis is necessary to eliminate the levels of calcium, magnesium and solids contained in non-potable water that reaches us through municipal pipes or by any other means.

The most advisable thing is to carry out a previous study to determine what level of solids are in the water to be purified, this study is called physicochemical and if the water is not too loaded, you may only need one Basic type plant.
What is the cost of the plant?

The cost of a basic purification plant is about $ 2,200 with an approximate capacity of up to 200 gallons per day. For a plant with RO softening equipment we are talking about US $ 3,800.

Additionally you will need to consider the installation that includes pipes, connections, tank, installation and basic training to operate it with an approximate cost of US $ 1000.

You should also consider the cost of a carboy filling machine with an approximate cost of $ 1000 and a carboy washing machine also costing about $ 1000. In total, the initial investment is about $ 6,800.

How much can you earn from the production of purified water ?

Considering that the monthly operating costs are approximately US $ 500 including the rent of the premises, electricity, supplies, raw materials and accessories. With a competitive price to the public of US $ 1 we could think of a daily production:

  • Baja of about 30 jugs, which would represent $ 30 x 30 days = $ 900 leaving a net profit of us $ 400 a month
  • Media of about 60 jugs, which would represent $ 60 x 30 days = $ 1800 leaving an approximate profit of us $ 1100 a month
  • High of about 100 jugs, which represents $ 100 x 30 days = $ 3000 leaving an approximate profit of us $ 2000 a month

Of course, as in any business, the key is not only to offer cleaning and filling of jugs in your premises, but also to consider promoting your product in nearby stores and vendors in your area to reach production levels that guarantee the best profitability. .

Furthermore, this business requires a significant level of training, high sanitary standards, and minimal production controls to guarantee an excellent product. And, although it is true that there is “bad promotion” (false) that the large bottlers are doing towards this type of business based on the issue of sanitary controls, it is also true that the demand for the excellent price continues to increase every day .

If you are interested, you will find on the web many distributors of different types of purification plants with their respective accessories and complements to make up your purified water bottling plant.

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