Earn Money Investing in the Stock Market (Part II)

Earn Money Investing in the Stock Market (Part II)

According Robert Kiyosaki, there is a big difference between “working for money” and “putting money to work”. And that difference is well known to an investor.

So if you know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide and you also know how to surf the Internet, then you will have a great opportunity to make money investing in the Stock Market.

The first thing you should be clear about before entering this kind of deal is that an investor is someone who has an amount of money (capital) that can be put to work for a specified period of time so that it pays dividends (profits).

Everybody can invest in the stock market, it does not matter sex, age or educational level. However, you should also know that the stock investment markets have a certain level of risk, as it does all business, except that here the effects can be noticed very quickly, especially if you do not have the appropriate knowledge to invest.

How does it work?
In practice, companies that want to increase their capital go public to do so publicly and allow investors they can place their savings there, of course under the premise that as the company evolves and grows, the investor also wins.

The game then consists of searching among the publicly traded companiesWhich ones to invest in so that over time, that investment multiplies and you can earn money by reselling the shares.

Intermediaries or brokers, for their part, are companies and independent advisers who are dedicated to studying the investment market and follow-up minute by minute to be able to advise you on the advisability of an investment in a company X that has high growth potential. They help you place the investment and earn a commission for it.

The secret
For invest successfully in the stock market, is required over anything else: knowledge. Investing in the stock market is not a game of chance as many believe. On the contrary, as you learn and document yourself more, your chances of success also increase. The good news is that on the web you find countless valuable information to become a professional investor.

Where to start?
The first step, once you have researched enough about the general knowledge of investments in the stock market is to get a Broker, who as I have already mentioned is a professional intermediary authorized to execute your financial operations and place the money directly on the stock market. If you want to do it from the comfort of your home, there are many brokers online to choose.


  • Don’t ambitions to earn too much money quickly. This is a serious mistake that has led many to lose their capital.
  • Research on the company where you want to invest, its track record and its growth potential.
  • Find out about the political and economic situation of the country whose environment directly affects the business growth.
  • Start by investing little and increase your investment volumes gradually.
  • Don’t invest all your money in one businessDiversifying your investments reduces risk.
  • Be very patient. In this business the best asset is patience. Although stocks may temporarily decline, in most cases, you can always expect a recovery.
  • If you make a mistake or something doesn’t go right, learn from it.

Types of Investments
Between the investment options In addition to the traditional actions, you can also consider:

  • Stock Exchange
  • Forex trading, buying and selling currencies
  • Investment mutual funds
  • Indexed and / or listed funds
  • Future markets
  • Investments in oil and gold
  • Others

Of course, each option requires different skills, as well as investment and risk levels different.

Play the Stock Market
The good news is that for your training there are online investment simulators very good by means of which you can put your knowledge into practice and exercise your stock investing skills almost in real time but without risking your money.

Other Technical Concepts
While the purpose of this article is to guide you and give you clarity on how this works profitable business, in practice it is important that the entrepreneur Dig deeper, keep learning and become an expert so you can own your investment decisions and certainly make this a excellent business.

That is why my recommendation is that you continue studying, learning and developing the technical skills required to get the most out of this business. The book by Robert Kiyosaki: How to Invest Guide is an excellent starting point.

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