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Over 50% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck

Many Americans don’t have a bank account – which creates a huge demand for community-level financial services.

As one of the best national networks of independent and operated financial services centers in the community, we pride ourselves on serving the unsanitary small businesses, the under-banks, and the more than 50% of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck.


Let’s face it, the need for financial services will never go away, no matter how technology affects the way services are provided. FFC’s community-based financial service centers are the retail stores that provide the required services.

Why should you choose family finance centers?

The FFC (Family Financial Centers) franchise was conceived as an alternative to the rapidly disappearing branch banks in the neighborhood. However, unlike traditional check cashing or payday loan businesses, Family Financial Centers can be located in either urban or suburban communities.

  • Check cashing
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Bill payments
  • Tax and accounting services
  • Buying back gift cards
  • Money orders
  • Prepaid calling cards
  • Direct deposit / payroll cards

Many of our stores are located in attractive suburban shopping malls that are inexpensive for the home or work of our middle income customers. The shops are similar to banks and all offer the latest computer systems and transaction software for fast and efficient service, as well as state-of-the-art security systems to ensure safe customer contact and the convenience of our franchisees.

Who are the FCC’s customers?
  • The “Unbanked” – 9 million people in the US have no checking, savings or money market accounts.
  • The “lower bank” – 18% of adults still use an alternative financial service product.
  • Small Businesses – Many small businesses need to cash their checks to do payrolls and purchase supplies for their next job.
  • More than 50% of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck despite having a traditional bank account.

Our franchise marketing programs provide local communities with a full range of financial products. In addition, we are actively developing new products and services that an FFC financial services company can offer its customers to differentiate our brand from competitors.


Small independent operators struggling to meet compliance requirements, adopt new technology, and focus on customer service. These often become acquisition targets for Family Financial Center franchisees.
Larger regional chains and large corporations with hundreds of locations.

FFC offers the sophistication and execution of a larger business with the personal touch that attracts consumers.

  • Looks and acts like your local neighborhood bank.
  • Uses the latest technology and systems necessary to compete in this evolving industry.
  • Meets government banking regulations which are insurmountable for many trying to get into or stay in this industry.

Training and support for your financial services business

FFC franchisees not only have world-class product and service offerings, they also have an experienced company management team.

  • Market valuation
  • financing
  • Secure a Money Service Business (MSB) bank account
  • Side selection
  • Turnkey “store in a box”
  • Project management
  • Licensing
  • Training and ongoing support

The support staff will help set up their business properly and we provide the in-depth training they need to get their business started. Then we work continuously with franchisees to successfully build these businesses. We treat our franchisees like our customers – like family.

Our multi-faceted and practical training and support sets us apart from the competition and offers you a solid foundation for success.

You will spend five days in our dedicated training center to:

  • Learn about the franchise software and equipment.
  • Make fun of retail situations.
  • Learn how to manage employee relationships and provide great customer service.

The FFC training center is essentially a simulated financial services business with the same equipment as the actual business, so franchisees can conduct real business transactions as they absorb other information about the alternative financial services industry.

In addition to live support and 24-hour access to training materials via the online portal, every business must take part in regular monthly and annual retraining courses and further education.

As an FFC franchisee, you can effectively compete in the community-based financial services industry.

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