Start a Pearle Vision Franchise

Start a Pearle Vision Franchise

Pearle Vision: A premium optical franchise

Discover the franchise opportunity with an iconic, patient-centric brand.

Pearle Vision was founded in 1961 by Dr. Stanley Pearle to bring opticians and opticians together under one roof. The company offers doctors and a retail store a convenient, holistic eye care experience in one place.

Today, our mission is to bring true eye care to more patients and communities by partnering with eye care professionals, opticians and investors who share our passion.

Pearle Vision has developed a proven system that is hallmarked with strong branding and an excellent reputation. low startup fees and turnkey operating systems; an established supply chain; Scalability and growth potential in a sustainable industry.

Why choose Pearle Vision?

Pearle Vision is one of the largest optical retailers in North America with more than 500 EyeCare centers in the US and Canada, many of which are franchise-owned and operated on site.

Pearle Vision’s support and optimized systems help optical stores achieve higher sales and profit margins by providing:

  • A brand name that patients have known and respected for five decades.
  • Millions every year in continued marketing to attract new customers.
  • A robust local web presence that allows patients to book appointments online around the clock.
  • Combined purchasing power that enables Pearle Vision licensees to receive discounted prices on eyeglass frames, lenses, laboratory services and accessories.
  • A point-of-sale system that is integrated with data-driven inventory management systems. This allows you to automatically reorder deliveries based on buying trends in your area and maximize sales volume.
  • Dedicated business coaches with whom you can analyze and improve the performance of your company.
  • Help recruit team members.
  • Ongoing training opportunities that will help you improve both your company’s optometric practice and retail business.
  • A network of Pearle Vision owners to share ideas with.

I think if you are interested in owning your own practice, having that Pearle Vision name, having all of the resources and tools they give you to be successful, this is huge. – Sara Nicholson, OD, Licensed Owner | Racine, WI


Pearle Vision’s proven business model is designed to provide franchisees with the tools to simplify the management of an EyeCare Center.

In addition to training and support from business coaches, Pearle Vision offers real estate support and back-end operating systems to new franchise owners. Our Ignite program offers unique benefits that allow optometry practice owners to remain independent while growing their business as a Pearle Vision franchise.


Pearle Vision has more than 500 EyeCare centers that offer purchasing power that we can use to negotiate discounts from vendors. Our operating system enables us to collect data on top selling brands and styles so that stores keep optimal choices. This saves costs and streamlines operations.

Since Pearle Vision is owned by Luxottica, our franchisees have access to some of the most fashionable and popular eyewear brands in the industry, including Ray-Ban, Persol and Oakley.


Dr. Stanley Pearle’s commitment to putting patient care first was captured under the slogan “Nobody cares more about the eyes than Pearle”. This approach is resonating with consumers who have rated Pearle Vision as the best optical brand for medical quality perception. *

Brand awareness is enhanced through a $ 35 million annual consumer marketing budget that connects Pearle Vision with patients across North America and keeps the message in mind.
* According to a Millward Brown Optical Retail Tracker dated December 2017.


At the intersection of healthcare and retail, the optics industry is not only sustainable but is expected to grow as the population ages.

The Pearle Vision System is scalable. Optimized processes can make it easier for licensed owners to manage multiple locations. Multiple entity owners often advertise the brand’s back-end systems for handling, billing, and claim payment. Exclusive territorial rights are available to franchisees who sign territory development agreements.

Systems / tools

Our back-end systems may mean more time for your patients. Managing your own practice can be made less time consuming with Pearle Vision’s processes and operations support.

  • Turnkey customer and patient relationship management system (CRM) to support patient and customer loyalty while increasing sales and examination volume at the same time.
  • Training and support for all new licensed owners with in-class, online and in-store training preparing them to run their business with an emphasis on providing true eye care.
  • A dedicated team of consultants to coach and advise you on growing your business.
  • Full service real estate support to facilitate location selection, market development, store design, construction and turnkey project management.

We also provide insurance and billing support for claims processing, billing and payment services. Our goal is to simplify the management process and give you and your employees more time to care for patients.

Training and Network

We offer dedicated management consultants who will coach and advise you as your company grows.

Owning and running a business doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor.

Pearle Vision license owners have a strong network of colleagues eager to share ideas and best practices. Pearle Vision license owners can also see how their EyeCare centers are performing compared to their colleagues. That way, you can measure performance and identify ways to improve it.

Are you ready to learn more about the Pearle Vision Franchise Opportunity?

Please only submit if you meet the requirements of at least $ 80,000 in cash, at least $ 500,000 in net worth, and a credit score of over $ 700.

Request information below by using our request link to take the next steps in joining our community of Pearle Vision franchise owners!

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