Left Handed Products and Solutions

Left Handed Products and Solutions

The business opportunities they are everywhere and you just have to look a little further to find them. And in that sense, left-handed solutions they can be a potential niche rarely exploited.

Left-handed people experience the disadvantage and discomfort of living in a right-handed world and if you can create or market products to help them make their life easier and more comfortable, then you have a business in your hands.

Understanding the world of lefties

For successfully develop a business you need to understand in depth the need that this business aims to solve. Understand how it is the world of lefties and empathizing with them is a first step for the good of the planning your company.

Hence, left-handed people often experience various problems due to the inconvenience of living in a world designed by right-handed for right-handed. Because they are a minority (approx. 12%), in most cases they simply have to resign themselves or adapt to the fact that the vast majority of services and products in common use are designed in a way that is not suitable and comfortable for them.

Of course for who we are “rights“This may go unnoticed, but if you’re left-handed, your computer mouse, scissors, or even the location of the enter key on your keyboard can make an uncomfortable difference.

Product ideas for lefties:

Left-handed service ideas:

  • Counseling on how to deal with your left-handed children
  • Gym or motor training to be ambidextrous
  • Wholesale distribution of left-handed products
  • Write books or guides to better live in a left-handed world
  • Open a blog on the Internet with tips for lefties
  • Virtual store with mailing of products
  • Workshops on writing techniques
  • Promotion of laws for the benefit of left-handed people

Of course, as in any business you will need to do an initial market research that allows you to determine the possibilities of finding clients in the area where you live and with the resources you have and above all, the key to success is creativity to create solutions.

In terms of marketing, you do not necessarily need to be a manufacturer but you can contact one of the existing wholesalers that can provide you with the products to open. your own store, redistribute, or partner with a department store to create a special section dedicated to lefties. Some examples of online stores: Zurdo Tienda, Zurdoteca, Anything Left Handed (in English).

Well, here you have another more business idea for your list of possibilities that I’m sure will be interesting to consider. Have you asked yourself How many of your close friends and family are left-handed ?

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