The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales

The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales

In my conferences I always make it clear to my participants that a successful sale is not a unique and circumstantial event, on the contrary, closing a sale has to do with the sum of many factors.

  • A job well done leads to sale.
  • Preparation leads to sale.
  • Taking care of the details favors a closure.

In short, just as everything contributes to the sale, everything can also contribute to not selling and that is why the sales process demands constant concentration and the commitment of all those involved.

Understanding this is essential because I believe that selling well can be the difference between life and death for a business.

Everything influences from the beginning to the closing and even the after-sales service is a key factor with which to start a next negotiation.

That is why today I share with you these commandments that every good entrepreneur must observe and respect to improve their results:

The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales

1. Don’t treat the customer like one of the other

When you serve a client you must make him feel unique and special. The worst mistake you can make in sales is thinking that one more sale doesn’t make a difference.

The customer who is perceived as being treated with little importance or as just another number will simply not buy.

2. Listen, listen, listen

The second great commandment of the sale is knowing how to listen to the customer. And this requires a lot of willingness from the advisor to lower the volume of his thoughts and focus on what the client is saying.

I love a book by Don Sheehan that perfectly describes this idea, it’s called “Shut Up and Sell!”.

If you learn to listen, you will surely be able to extract and understand the primary needs that the client expresses when speaking and from there, transform your products and services into solutions.

Listening to the client requires a lot of willingness from the counselor to lower the volume of his thoughts and focus on what the client is saying. 

3. Don’t just think about commission

If the only thing that interests you about your client is adding a commission, you are far from being a successful salesperson. Thinking this way is bad for sales. On the contrary, you must focus on the customer’s need and supply it with your products.

4. Don’t sell products, sell solutions

An effective salesperson knows that people do not seek him out for his products or services. People seek solutions to their problems, their fears, or their desires.

And if we only sell “products” then we will never fit in to meet your need and therefore far from achieving excellent sales results.

It is because of that:

  • Instead of selling houses, you should sell security and family legacy.
  • Instead of selling clothes, it sells class, style and good taste.
  • Instead of selling electronics, it sells convenience, development and a sense of currency.
  • Instead of selling educational services, you sell a promising future.

5. Don’t be impatient

Patience is the mother of virtues. To be successful in sales you have to be patient. You should take the time to provide information, show the product, make demonstrations, answer questions, adapt the offer, follow up and close the sale without being “impatient”.

If you develop this virtue, then you will be closer to making your next big business.

6. Always sell something else

Don’t settle for just one sale or selling just once. Develop a strategy where you always sell something else.

Cross-sell, upsell, or downsell. But always make sure that your client receives information from a complementary service and thus increases your profit margins.

7. Enjoy every sale

Although it sounds cliché, passion is fundamental in everything we do. But in the sale, it is the differentiating ingredient.

If something sells, it is meeting a person who is convinced they have a great product or service and listening to them talk excitedly about it.

Passion is transmitted and convinced. Never forget.

8. Don’t dismiss anyone for their appearance

Never dismiss anyone because of their face or way of dressing. Everywhere there are stories of people who have bought expensive products without pretending to be able to buy.

Do not discriminate or belittle someone because you think they will not be a good buyer. That is simply a big mistake.

9. Get trained every day

Whether you are an entrepreneur. A professional advisor or a collaborator in any position in the organization, you must learn and improve your sales skills every day.

As I have mentioned before, the sale depends on many factors and you are one of them. You can contribute to sell more or sell less. Your attitude is important. Your disposition is too.

That is why you must constantly train yourself. Read books, attend courses, workshops and seminars.
Some of our workshops could be of your interest.

10. Don’t stop at a NO

Persistence is another success factor in sales. A professional advisor is not intimidated by a refusal, knowing that there will

Not all people will be interested in what you sell. Or just not everyone is willing to pay for what you have.

Anyway, the results come when you keep trying, keep calling, keep visiting until you find that customer who DOES want and can buy. Persist and let nothing stop you.

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